Going on holidays when you have a pet

take pets on holidays

We all love a holiday, but what do you do with your beloved furry family member? Do you take them with you? Or leave them behind? We explore some options that will keep both your family and your pet safe and happy while you are on holidays!

Safely Introducing your new baby to your pets

introducing pet header

What happens to your beloved “Fur Baby” – How do you introduce your pet to your newest family addition? We take a look at some top tips to ensure your pets don’t get left out when you bring your new baby home.

Managing obesity in cats – top tips to keep your cat trim

obese cat

Like us, our beloved animal friends can also over indulge and gain those unwanted kilograms! As our pet carers it’s easy to over feed them, spoil them lots of treats and sometimes forget to exercise them. Our furry friends as a result gain weight and can become obese! Suddenly your cats shadow is bigger than yours and they are getting stuck in the cat flap!