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The Somerzby Cat Runs offers a great range of optional extensions for your Somerzby Cat Enclosure that are spacious, safe, and practical. These add-on extensions give you the flexibility to grow your safe and secure environment as your needs and requirements change.

Available in two models, the Large Cat Run Extension is designed to extend either the Somerzby Homestead of Manor cat enclosures, whilst the Mansion Cat Run allows you to extend the Mansion enclosure.

The Somerzby Cat Runs are a modular design that gives you the option to provide additional freedom for your feline to wander and play, with the Large Cat Extension fitted to your Homestead cat enclosure your cats will have a massive 6.0 metres x 2.0 metres to play around in all day long.

Cat Runs and Extensions for Sale

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Large Cat Run Enclosure Extension

Large Cat Run, Can be standalone or used as an extension for the Homestead, Catio, Manor or Estate Enclosures.

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Somerzby Mansion Cat Run

Cat Run & Extension, Can be standalone or used as an extension for the Mansion or Mansion Deluxe cat enclosures.

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