Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have compiled a list of common questions we are asked about our products and services, If you cannot find the answer you are looking for below, please contact us.


  • Order from this website. Payment options are Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, bank deposit, Afterpay or Zip.
  • Call 02 4340 4200 to pay over the phone. Payment options are Visa, Mastercard or bank deposit.

Payment details:

  • Bank deposit payments must be paid within 2 working days to ensure product choice is available.
  • Afterpay limit is $2,000 per order.
  • Only one payment method per order is allowed.

We now offer Click and Collect from our Central Coast NSW warehouse.

To use the Click and Collect service, you must order and pay for your items through our website then book in a time for warehouse pick up.

Please note that we do NOT have a showroom. Our warehouse is only available for the collection of pre-purchased items.

No, we do not have a showroom.

This helps us offer you prices that are lower than our competitors and pet stores, while still maintaining high quality products.

All of the dimensions, carton sizes, images and other information can be found on the product pages provided.

Delivery cost is determined by distance and weight.

You can check the freight cost of any item that is in stock by adding it to your cart, clicking ‘View Cart’ (not ‘Checkout’) and entering just your postcode.

Somerzby ship to all Australian states and territories.

Most items are sent via Border Express. Some smaller items are sent via Australia Post.

They typically deliver to your door. The only exception may be if you live in a rural area that doesn’t get couriers. If this is the case, you may be required to collect your item from a local depot or collection point.

We CANNOT deliver:

  • Outside of Australia
  • To PO boxes or post offices
  • To Laguna 2325 or Putty 2330
  • To any islands without road access. This includes (but is not limited to) King Island 7256 and Russell Island 4184.

We supply a tracking number with all shipments. We aim to dispatch orders within 1-2 business days after receipt.

All products are in stock and available for sale unless stated. Occasionally, we accept orders for products a week or two ahead of the container arriving. If this is the case, we’ll make sure our customers know when ordering. 

For all items that are listed as ‘in stock’, here’s a guide for how long it will take for your order to arrive after it leaves our warehouse:

  • MELBOURNE: 1-3 business days
  • CANBERRA: 2-3 business days
  • SYDNEY: 1-2 business days 
  • BRISBANE: 1-3 business days
  • PERTH: 4-10 business days 
  • OTHER LOCATIONS: 2-10 business days

Please contact us for a more accurate delivery time estimate to your area.

Please note we are unable to guarantee any delivery date. We are only able to provide estimates.

Times can be longer in peak periods and around holidays.


Yes, our products are designed to be kept outside and in the weather.

We use Chinese Fir timber. It is a native conifer grown in commercial plantations in China. Certain sections are also made of plywood.

We generally use galvanised, square welded mesh with 10mm holes. This mesh is strong but light and will keep rats, mice, snakes and other small pests out.

Most enclosures and kennels have asphalt roofs.

Please note they are made from a natural product that may have some minor flaws or marks. These are outdoor products and not intended to have a perfect finish.

We do not use treated timber in our products because the chemicals used are harmful to animals.

Our hutches and coops are made from naturally rot-resistant timber and are stained with water based non toxic stain. 

This is a hard question to answer, it depends on the location and how well it is looked after. If you place it in a dry, airy place it will be far less likely to rot than if it is under a tree in a shady, damp spot.

It is a good idea to sit the enclosure on a dry surface such as pavers or bricks to keep the bottom dry.

The owners of Somerzby have a ‘Homestead’ model chicken coop at home. It has been outside in the weather for over 5 years now and still looks good. The only sign of age is that some of the stain has faded.

Re-staining, oiling or painting your coop every year or so will help give the wood a longer life as with any wooden products that are outdoors. 

We do not recommend moving the larger enclosures while still assembled as this can make the whole structure twist and crack. It is better to take apart and re-assemble if you need to move the enclosure.

We have never heard of a fox getting through the mesh or breaking the timber but a couple of customers have told us that foxes have tried to dig their way in.

If you are worried about foxes we recommend that you buy some chicken wire and sit the hutch/coop on it so the foxes can’t dig their way in. Chicken wire will also stop rabbits from burrowing.

Many of our enclosures have a slide out metal tray inside. If this tray stays wet too often, it will eventually rust through.

To keep your tray dry and increase the longevity of the product, we recommend lining the tray with an absorbent material. It is a good idea to put one layer of newspaper then a second layer of bedding material (such as wood shavings or shredded paper).

Make sure you change it regularly.

If your tray has rusted, email us for advice on how to repair it.


Most products take about one hour to assemble. Larger enclosures will take longer.

Large panels are pre-assembled and wire mesh is already attached onto the frame. There is no complicated woodwork.

The first panel will have a guide hole, to show you were the screw goes. The second panel will not have a hole. You will need to use a battery powered screwdriver or drill to break into the wood.

Assemble on a flat/level surface to ensure all the doors etc. line up correctly.

If you are having problems with assembly, feel free to contact us.

We include easy to use instructions and all screws. You will need a battery powered screwdriver or drill with a Phillips head bit. A few products require a shifting spanner for assembly.

All our timber enclosures come already coated in non-toxic, water based stain. Unlike many of our competitors’ products, you don’t need to paint our enclosures before you assemble or use them.

Like any outdoor timber product, the stain will fade over time in the sun. Re-staining the enclosure every year or so will keep it looking bright.

If you choose to paint your enclosure, you can paint straight over the stain. No need to sand it back first. Painting the timber can help protect it and last longer.

We recommend securing our enclosures to the ground if they are kept in an exposed or windy area. 

You could attach stakes onto the corners of the enclosure then peg it into the ground.

Alternatively, you could build a treated timber frame and partially bury it into the ground. Then screw the enclosure down onto the frame.

Chicken Feeder

Our feeders are made from aluminium so they don’t rust.

You should occasionally check that the fasteners are not too loose, hose it down to keep it clean, and squirt a little oil onto the moving parts to keep the feeder in good working condition.

It normally takes a couple of weeks to get the chooks used to the feeders. Instructions on training them are included with the feeder.

The Somerzby chicken feeder holds approx. 7.2kg of feed, enough to feed 6 chooks for a week or so.

It takes 500g to open the lid. Most full grown chooks including Bantams will be able to open it. It is not suitable for small chicks as they can get trapped inside the feeder if it is opened by a heavier bird. Smaller birds such as Mynahs and pigeons as well as rats and mice are too light to open the feeder.

A duck’s neck is generally too long for it to be able stand on the treadle and eat at the same time, but if you have chooks the duck will soon learn to grab a bite to eat when the chickens open the feeder!