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Somerzby Automatic Chicken Feeders

The Somerzby automatic chicken feeder is another great product from our superior range designed to save you time, money and keep your chickens in perfect health.

The Somerzby feeder has an automatic treadle system designed and engineered to meticulous standards allowing your chickens (and only your chickens) to eat when they need to.

The feeder requires the weight of a chicken on the new stainless steel non slip tray to release feed. The accurate balance system means smaller birds, and animals such as mice cannot steal food.

The feeder comes pre-assembled so you don’t have to worry about setting up the precise but sturdy balance system.

We also supply Drinkers for a clean, economical way to dispense water to your animals.

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Healthy and hygienic

Your chickens can be fussy eaters and if you throw feed on the ground, they will only eat some of it - a lot is wasted. This costs money and, more importantly, it attracts mice, rats and other disease spreading pests.

  • Treadle feeders keep food contained in one clean, hygienic area-- no vermin
  • Eliminates wastage‚ÄĒsaves you money
  • Aluminium design makes it easier to keep the feeder and coop clean
  • Water proof lid that automatically closes, keeps your food dry¬†

Saves you time and money

You value your time: our products save you both time and money!

  • Holds 7.2kg of feed‚ÄĒenough to feed five chickens for a week
  • Eliminates spillage and wastage‚ÄĒreduce your feed costs
  • The Somerzby feeder is about half the price of other products on the market

Sturdy construction

  • Made from tough, rust-proof aluminium: will take everything your chickens can throw at it
  • Stainless steel bolts, rivets and moving parts are strong and durable

No assembly required

The Somerzby Treadle feeder is pre-assembled: it's a perfect solution that fits just about any chicken coop, and it makes your chickens happy. Learning to use the feeder: a chicken with an average I.Q. will master this skill in a few days.


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