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Front view of double bank rabbit hutch

Guinea Pig Cages, Hutches and Runs


The Somerzby range of Guinea Pig cages have a great set of features that are sure to keep your guinea pigs happy and healthy.

Optional, add-on guinea pig runs are available, allowing you to expand the size of your guinea pig house or provide more space.

We also have some great value Guinea pig cage and Run packages available.

Keeping your precious guinea pigs safe and sound is important, protecting your pets by keeping them away from the hot Australian sun and disease free is vital to the well-being of your guinea pigs.

Somerzby have a great range of cages, hutches and runs available in many designs and sizes that will help to care and protect your guinea pigs.

Feel free to browse our selection of guinea pig cages and hutches for the perfect home for your guinea pig.

Best price guinea pig cages in Australia

How Do I know What Size Cage to Get for My Little Cavy?

Well that all depends on how many guinea pigs you intend to keep.

For starters, the minimum size we recommend for one guinea pig is 600 mm in length x 300 mm in width and 300 mm tall.

Even though they are small, your guinea pigs need to have adequate room to move about as they enjoy running and playing.

You also want a few places where they can hide- a cardboard box or plastic igloo.

Need a Guinea Pig Cage 1 – 3 Guinea Pigs

Villa Chicken Coop Rabbit Hutch or Guinea Pig Hutch

The Somerzby Villa is a great choice, at just $130.00 (plus freight) it’s a very cheap option.

It comes with 2 levels to ensure plenty of play space, 5 separate easy access doors, and a very comfy sheltered area for sleeping that protects them from the elements.

The Villa is a great choice, and if you want to extend your guinea pigs play area, that’s easy too, simply attach one of our guinea pig run extensions to the villa.

Need a Guinea Pig Cage 3 – 6 Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig Cage for 3 - 6 Little Piggies

For a larger cage or hutch that has plenty of room for your pets to exercise, the Somerzby Mansion is suitable for up to 6 little piggies.

It has a large play area (and we recommend that you let them for daily runs) with a ramp to the elevated sleeping area that has a latch external opening door.

Looking For A Portable, Easy to Move Guinea Pig Cage

Portable Guinea Pig Hutch with wheels

If you need a cage that is easy to move around the yard or garden, this tractor style habitat can keep up to 3 guinea pigs.

It’s easy to move around your backyard as it comes with an attached handle and wheels. Because its portable, it allows your pets access to fresh food daily and prevents overgrazing.

The Somerzby Lodge includes a sheltered resting box and is easily accessed from both ends and the side panel doors.

At just $190.00 it’s one of the best priced tractor style hutches available.

Portable Guinea Pig Hutch

The Best 2 Story Hutch to Buy

The Somerzby 2 Story guinea pig hutch comes with the option of 2 self-contained spaces, which is perfect for separating your piggies, or if you prefer it can be used as a two-story house.

This hutch can be used as a breeding bank and is suitable for up to 4 little piggies if let out for regular runs, can be used indoors or out in the backyard, or because of its compact sizes, it makes it a great option for the deck or patio.

Double Story Guinea Pig Hutch

The Ultimate 3 Story Hutch to Buy

The Somerzby 3 story guinea pig hutch features 3 self-contained levels, is suitable for up to 6 guineas and is ideal great for separating your guinea pigs or setting up a breeding bank.

It’s a very practical hutch, and we’ve made it easy to clean. Each of the separate stories has a pull-out tray, and includes wire mesh for better ventilation.

If you have a smaller backyard, then this is perfect, you can also have it on your deck or pergola.

Tri Level Guinea Pig Hutch

Extending Your Hutch with a Guinea Pig Run

To give your little piglets more variety you have the option of purchasing one of the guinea pig runs that will extend the cage or hutch.

Having the extra space to run around gives them the chance exercise more, allows access to more fresh grass and adds some variety to their day.

With add-on runs for the Villa, Mansion and Homestead, the Somerzby guinea pig run can be used as a stand-alone run or as an extension to your existing cage.

The Villa extension run is a large guinea pig cage gives your little pets an additional 1.8 metres of space to roam

The Mansion extension run is even bigger, it has three easy access doors and is a massive 2 metres in length.

The ultimate guinea pig run is the Homestead Large Extension Run, has 2 large access doors, great for kids to get inside and play with the guinea pigs and is a whopping 3.0 metres long.

Villa with run, extension for Chicken Coop, Rabbit Hutch or Guinea Pig Hutch

What Food Do I Keep in the Cage?

It’s best to use a heavy based bowl, that way they won’t be knocking it over all the time.

They love to eat grass after all they are herbivores, so it’s very important that they have a constant source of grass or grass hay.

It’s great to offer them a variety of food types and plenty of fresh leafy green vegetables, be careful however to not feed them iceberg lettuce, leeks, onions, potatoes, rhubarb and the leaves, spring onions, tomato leaves or mouldy fruit and vegetables as these can be highly toxic to them.

Dried food can also be given to Guinea Pigs, ensure that it states Guinea Pig food on the packet and not Rabbit food as Guinea Pig food has vitamin C added.

Always use wall mounted water bottles as they not only save space in a hutch but also stops dirt, bugs and any other nasties getting into their water and will also stop them from knocking the water over.

It’s important to make sure you provide fresh water daily and check water on a regular basis. Ensure the bottle isn’t too high for your Guinea Pigs

Cleaning Your Guinea Pig Cages

It's important to keep a clean environment for your Guinea Pigs. Make sure any uneaten fruit or vegetables are cleaned out daily, remove any soiled hay and replace with fresh hay.

The rule of thumb is your cavies cage should never smell. It is recommended that Guinea Pigs and Rabbits have their home cleaned daily and bedding changed weekly.

The bedding can be spot cleaned daily and shavings should be replaced at least weekly.

It’s best to use non-harsh chemicals that may be harmful to your animals, so we suggest using a home-made guinea pig cage cleaner, it consists of white vinegar and water mix with some detergent in a spray bottle.

It can be hard to clean their enclosure whilst they are still playing in it, as they tend to make more mess, come up for cuddles and pats or may accidentally escape.

To make it easier to clean their enclosure, consider temporarily housing them in an appropriate sized pet crate for a short period of time while you clean their home.

Remove all the bedding and shavings, then using a spray bottle with 1 cup of water, 1 cup of vinegar and a few drops of detergent, spray the cage surface and wipe down.

Once all the surfaces are clean and free from any other debris replace the clean bedding and place your guinea pigs back in their home.

Keeping your Little Piggies Entertained

Guinea Pigs love to chew things!

They also love things they can sit in such as tunnels, paper bags or cardboard boxes. Having these items in their hutch will also provide places they can play and hide in as well as chew on.

It's also a good idea to provide them with a chew block made from un-dyed wood. Chew blocks help them grind down their teeth – helping them avoid any dental issues.

Even as pets, Rabbits still have a desire to hide in a "burrow". Guinea Pigs are similar, as they enjoy playing and hiding.

To encourage this behaviour and interact with your pet, you may consider using a pet crate in a sheltered area (out of harsh weather conditions) during supervised play time with your pet/s.

Where to Buy Your Guinea Pig Cage Online

Buying a guinea pig cage online is easy, Somerzby provide all the detailed information and photos about each of our enclosures to help you make the right choice.

We offer a very responsive customer support service so if there is anything you need to ask prior to making a purchase we are always available to answer calls or emails.

We are an Australian based company, and we ship our enclosures, cages and hutches to all states and territories around Australia.

The Best Priced Guinea Pig Cages in Australia

At Somerzby we always strive to bring you the best product at the best and cheapest price we can offer.

These enclosures are our designs based on years of our personal research and experience and we continually seek improvements and innovation. We stand behind our product because we know it is superior!

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