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Somerzby Large Timber Kennels, a place for your dog to call home.


The Somerzby range of Dog products allow you to comfortably house, transport and exercise your pet dog or puppy.

Our Dog and Puppy Crates are a great way to provide a safe place for your dog or puppy at home.

These dog crates also make good carriers to take your pet in the car on holidays, to the vets etc.

Our Dog and Puppy Playpens are lightweight, safe, and easy to transport. They can be used inside and out, and collapsible, simply fold down for easy storage.

While our range of large and extra large timber kennels provide a warm, dry, healthy, and comfortable shelter where your dog can rest in complete security out of the weather and free from the intrusion of annoying insects and cold damp winds.

Large outdoor dog enclosures

Backyard Dog Enclosures

Dog enclosures for your backyard are a great way to help manage your dog. The Somerzby enclosures can be used in a number of ways that help your dog live more comfortably and safer.

As a house training tool, the enclosure can be used as a comfortable den-like bedroom to assist you in training your dog to do his business in the right place, you can even use it as a time out, keeping your dog in his bedroom if he has been naughty.

It's a great way to keep your pet safe when you aren’t able to look after them, these pet enclosures can also serve as a dog kennel as your dog becomes more familiar with the crate, he will see it as a second home.

dog-crates-for-sale.jpgCrate Training for Puppies and Dogs

It’s important to take the time to gradually introduce your puppy to the dog crate.

Creating a cosy, warm and inviting area inside the crate, try placing some bedding and blankets inside as well as a water bottle for them.

To create a “den-like” atmosphere you can cover the crate in some old towels or sheets.

Make sure the temperature is right, so setting up the crate in a warm area at first where they will get the opportunity to smell and sniff things out a bit, as they will want to do that first before entering for the first time.

For older dogs the crate training will vary depending on the dog’s age, temperament and past experiences.

Always work at the dog’s pace and make sure you vary the time your dog spends in the crate as this will help to prevent your dog from expecting to be let out after a certain time.

For more tips and information on Crate Training for your dog or puppy, check out this recent article from our blog.

Enclosure for Large Dogs

Somerzby have a range of different size dog enclosures.

Our large Collapsible Dog Crate is 36” or 92 cm long x 58 cm wide and is perfect for transporting a large dog individually or housing them at night. Also available for large dogs are the extra large 42" crates and the extra, extra large 48" crates.

When choosing the one that’s right for your dog it’s important to get the right size. The enclosure needs to be large enough for your dog to stand up, wide enough to turn around and lie down.

Access to the crate is important, the Somerzby enclosures come with two doors, each door has its own locking latch.

Crates for Puppies

The Somerzby pet crates are perfect for puppies. Available in the small 24" crate as well as the medium 30" crate, they will help you to toilet train your puppy and can be used to prevent too much destruction of your house and property.

They are very practical being collapsilbe, and the perfect companion when travelling to help your four legged friends arrive safely as well as keeping them from running off and getting lost.

Buying your Dog Crates Online

Somerzby make it easy to buy your dog crate online, each size enclosure has all the dimensions listed so it’s easy to select the one that’s best suited to your dog. Browse through our selection to see all our Dog Crates for Sale.


Our Dog Play Pens/Dog Run Products

Extra Large Premium Metal pet run/playpen with Roof 36" 4 Panels - The Retreat

The Somerzby 36", 4 Panel Premium portable playpen is sturdy and easy to assemble. It features a heavy duty, strong steel frame and a locking door. If wanted, you can easily connect multiple pet runs together to create a larger pet run.

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Fortress - Large Premium Metal Dog Enclosure with Roof

All new large Premium Metal Dog Enclosure with Roof, the Somerzby 64", 10 Panel Premium portable dog enclosure is sturdy and easy to assemble.

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Large Metal Dog Pet Run/Play Pen - The Arena

The Somerzby Dog and Puppy playpen is lightweight and easy to assemble, it features 8 panels and easily folds down for compact storage.

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Our Dog and Puppy Crate Products

Small Collapsible Dog Crate 24"

The Somerzby Small Size Dog Crate is perfect for carrying, transporting or homing puppies at night time. This crate is an ideal size to be used for crate training your dog.

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Medium Collapsible Dog Crate 30"

Plenty of space for a small animal or two. This size best suits smaller animals eg small dogs and puppies. This crate is an ideal size to be used for crate training your dog.

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Large Collapsible Dog Crate 36"

Plenty of space for an average sized dog. It can also comfortably transport a few smaller animals such as: puppies. Optional waterproof, heavy duty blue or green crate cover available- only $20 extra.

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Extra Large Collapsible Dog Crate 42"

The Extra Large size Somerzby collapsible pet crate is perfect for transporting your pet or housing them at night time. It is suitable for transporting one medium to large dog or 2 small dogs (or puppies) at a time. Optional waterproof, heavy duty blue or green crate cover available- only $25 extra.

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Extra Extra Large Collapsible Dog Crate 48"

Plenty of space for a large dog or 2 smaller dogs. It can also comfortably transport a few smaller animals, like puppies. Optional waterproof, heavy duty blue or green crate cover available- only $30 extra.

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