Large Dog Enclosures – Indoor / Outdoor

Did you know that 39% of Australian households have a dog? That’s around 4.2 million dogs or 19 dogs for every 100 people according to the RSPCA.

Yes, we love our dogs and we like to think of our canine companions as a loved friend, a part of the family.

But dogs need a number of things to really feel at home with you. Yes, there are the obvious things like food, shelter, and companionship but they also need to feel safe. 

Large Dog Playpen – The Arena

The Somerzby Dog and Puppy playpen is lightweight and easy to assemble, it features 8 panels and easily folds down for compact storage.


XL Premium Enclosure with Roof

The Somerzby 36″, 4 Panel Premium portable enclosure is sturdy and easy to assemble. This pet run/playpen is suitable for Dogs, Puppies, Kittens, Rabbits and guinea pigs etc.



Just like us humans, our dogs need a place they can call their own, a space where they can chill out and watch the grass grow or engage in some focused tasty treat demolition.

That’s where a Somerzby large dog enclosure or playpen is the perfect solution.

Dog enclosures are ideal for:

  • Small, medium or large dogs
  • Training purposes
  • Creating a safe dog run outside so your dogs can play without supervision
  • Time out for when your dog needs a break from visitors
  • Shelter for dogs that need to be temporarily isolated or have their range of movement restricted (e.g. after surgery)

What Are The Benefits Of A Somerzby Dog Enclosure?

The Somerzby dog enclosures are designed with your dog’s safety and welfare and your convenience in mind.

Somerzby stock a range of metal pet playpens so that you can find one that is suitable for almost any type and size dog.

Plus, the Somerzby dog runs can be easily dismantled and folded away for storage or for relocating to a different area.

The benefits of a Somerzby dog run enclosure include:

  • Ability to expand the run by adding additional runs or panels
  • Run can incorporate your existing kennel for a completely enclosed safe home for your dog
  • Lockable doors for security
  • Heavy duty metal construction to prevent even the most determined escape attempts


We don’t like to brag, but we don’t mind when our customers do. Here are some of the testimonials we have received from our wonderful pet owners.


Just purchased a 48 inch dog cage and got a pleasant shock at the quality and price and the ease it was to put it together.

Kimberley my sales assistant was so helpful and friendly I will recommend Somerzby to all my family and friends.



Thanks Somerzby for supplying my kitty with the goods!

She loves it and I love knowing she is now safe when I am not home



Just wanna say you guys are awesome! Products are amazing and you's are always so quick to dispatch orders too.

I ordered a pet crate on Wednesday afternoon and recieved it first thing this morning, so fast, you couldn't get a letter from the next town over that fast!!!


Customer Support

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