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Large outdoor dog enclosures

Large Dog Enclosures - Indoor / Outdoor With Roof

Did you know that 39% of Australian households have a dog?

That’s around 4.2 million dogs or 19 dogs for every 100 people according to the RSPCA.

Yes, we love our dogs and we like to think of our canine companions as a loved friend, a part of the family.

But dogs need a number of things to really feel at home with you. Yes, there are the obvious things like food, shelter, and companionship but they also need to feel safe. 

Outdoor dog enclosures play an important role in the health and safety of your dog.

Dog enclosures are ideal for:

  • Small, medium or large dogs
  • Training purposes
  • Creating a safe dog run outside so your dogs can play without supervision
  • Time out for when your dog needs a break from visitors
  • Shelter for dogs that need to be temporarily isolated or have their range of movement restricted (e.g. after surgery)


Just like us humans, our dogs need a place they can call their own, a space where they can chill out and watch the grass grow or engage in some focused tasty treat demolition.

That’s where a Somerzby large dog enclosure or playpen is the perfect solution.


What Are The Benefits Of A Somerzby Dog Enclosure?

The Somerzby dog enclosures are designed with your dog’s safety and welfare and your convenience in mind.

The benefits of a Somerzby dog run enclosure include:

  • Ability to expand the run by adding additional runs or panels
  • Run can incorporate your existing kennel for a completely enclosed safe home for your dog
  • Lockable doors for security
  • Heavy duty metal construction to prevent even the most determined escape attempts

Somerzby stock a range of metal pet playpens so that you can find one that is suitable for almost any type and size dog.

Plus, the Somerzby dog runs can be easily dismantled and folded away for storage or for relocating to a different area.

What Sized Dog Enclosures Do You Sell?

Somerzby have the perfect size for small, medium or large dogs.


Extra Large Premium Metal Pet Enclosure

The Somerzby extra-large premium metal pet run/playpen features a massive 79 cm 4-panel roof to ensure that even the most agile fence jumping canine acrobat remains safely in its home.

This is our premium model and measures a massive L125cm x W79cm x H92cm.

This gives ample room for dogs to play with abandon and if you need more space you can easily attach additional runs.

The lockable double opening door gives easy access to the run.

It features escape proof design with a heavy duty 1.5 x 1.5 cm steel frame weighing in at 24kg.

The bars are set 3cm apart to prevent inquisitive dog paws getting trapped.

The rounded edges keep your dogs safe from harm when playtime becomes enthusiastic.

The extra-large premium metal enclosure is ideal for medium to large dogs and dogs that are especially escape prone.

The steel is attractively coated with quality hammerite metal paint for a long lasting smart finish and really durable rust protection.

Our extra-large premium metal pet run / playpen is so easy to assemble too with a new design joining clip that eliminates fiddly pins. 




Large 8-panel Playpen Outdoor / Indoor & Portable

The Somerzby range of outdoor dog enclosures also includes the large 8-panel playpen for dogs and puppies.

This is a great choice for creating an indoors sanctuary for your dogs as well as providing a secure outside run.

The large 8 panel enclosure is great for small to medium sized dogs, and will also accommodate well-trained larger dogs that are happy to stay within the set boundaries.

Practical and portable.

It measures 60cm wide x 76cm this 8 panel run the simple clip joining system means it can be easily expanded with additional panels or dismantled and folded flat for storage or relocation to another part of the house or property.  

The removable plastic handle makes transporting your new playpen for dogs so easy.

You can include an existing dog kennel within the enclosure and the eight panel design means you can also alter the configuration to suit your available space.

Go for a square shape run or maybe a rectangle or even octagonal - it’s up to you.

Sturdy black electro coated steel construction means it will keep its really smart looks for many years in spite of the rough and tumble of your dogs.

The easy access door has two lockable latches for security. 


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Fortress - Large Premium Metal Dog Enclosure with Roof

All new large Premium Metal Dog Enclosure with Roof, the Somerzby 64", 10 Panel Premium portable dog enclosure is sturdy and easy to assemble.

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Extra Large Premium Metal pet run/playpen with Roof 36" 4 Panels - The Retreat

The Somerzby 36", 4 Panel Premium portable playpen is sturdy and easy to assemble. It features a heavy duty, strong steel frame and a locking door. If wanted, you can easily connect multiple pet runs together to create a larger pet run.

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Large Metal Dog Pet Run/Play Pen - The Arena

The Somerzby Dog and Puppy playpen is lightweight and easy to assemble, it features 8 panels and easily folds down for compact storage.

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How Sturdy Are Your Dog Enclosures?

At Somerzby we’re proud of our reputation for providing real durable quality that you can depend on.

Our dog runs provide very effective security against escape attempts.

The extra-large premium metal run is practically bomb-proof when secured with bolts to a firm floor such as concrete or timber.

Our sturdy metal dog enclosures are designed to withstand the harshness of the Australian climate as well as thrive in the canine school of hard knocks.

Electroplated coatings or hardy hammerite paint finishes will protect the steel against corrosion and keep your dog run looking great for many years.

We have a lot of very, very satisfied customers.

More than 12,500 feedback comments have earned us a stellar 99.7% positive feedback score over the past 12 months on our eBay site.

Here is a small selection of the recent feedback and customer reviews:

“Great seller ++++ will definitely be back to buy more ... top quality”

“Absolutely awesome cage and super fast postage! Thank you so much!”

“Amazing!! Even better than it looks online. Fantastic quality and fast postage.”

“Excellent quality and fast response to questions will buy from seller again” 


How Easy Are Your Dog Enclosures To Assemble?

All our dog enclosures are designed for straightforward tool-free assembly.

Simple clip joining systems mean anyone can put up a Somerzby dog run in a few minutes. And when you no longer need it, the run simply folds away for easy storage.

Helping your dog to feel at home is a big part of the Somerzby mission.



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