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Somerzby Cat Enclosure and Run Packages

The Somerzby Cat Enclosure and Run Packages are a great way to provide protection for your cats from other wildlife, predators and high density traffic. You'll take great comfort to know that your feline is in a safe and secure environment that is not only very pratical, but also has plenty of space and comfort.

Available in three models, the Homestead Package accomodates 2 - 4 cats, the Manor Package accomodates up to 3 cats, and the Mansion Package accomodates 2 - 3 cats.

The Somerzby Cat Enclosure and Extension Run Packages are a modular design that provides the freedom for your feline to play around in all day long.

Cat Enclosure and Run Packages for Sale

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Homestead Cat Enclosure and Cat Run Package

Compare the size, this is HUGE! LARGE Cat Enclosure and Cat Run package deal.

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Somerzby Cat House, Large Resort Outdoor House for Cats

It's an extra large house for cats that is snake and mouse proof. Brand New design with a load on new features that can take 4 - 6 cats or kittens.

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Somerzby Catio and Run

Catio Extra Large Cat Enclosure, extra tall with Screening, Rest,Sleep area AND Large RUN!

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Somerzby Manor Large Cat Enclosure and Run Package

Large Manor plus 3 metre Run. Compare the size

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Somerzby Mansion and Run

New style for easy clean and access, Complete front opening door fold right down. Also little door for quick check of your pet. Available in Red/Brown, Green or Blue with white trim.

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