Cat Scratching Posts

Scratching posts for cats are an important aspect of caring for your cats and scratching is purr-fectly  normal cat behaviour.

In the absence of special dedicated cat scratching posts many cats turn to your valuable furniture, wood panelling, carpets or curtains around the home to relieve some very basic needs. 

Cats scratch for a number of very good reasons including:

  • Maintaining claw strength and health
  • Marking territory through scent glands in their paws
  • Stretching their spine and muscles
  • Relieving pent-up energy
  • Annoying their owners who refuse to buy the preferred cat snacks

Invest in a good cat scratching post to look after your cat’s essential needs and save your furniture and your sanity.

Castle Cat Scratching post

The Castle Scratching Tower

At 130cm tall the castle is the ultimate scratching post but it also includes so much more to make your cat purr-fectly happy.  

The castle allows your cat to indulge in all those essential behaviours; scratching, climbing, resting, and playing.

And when they have finished their playtime, your King or Queen cat can enjoy a luxurious rest on the plush resting perches and survey all their loyal subjects and slaves as they rush about their daily business.

The castle features:

  • Tough sisal scratching poles that allow your cats to scratch from different angles
  • Two bed cubes and perching areas at different heights
  • Heavy duty construction with a highly stable base
  • Soft plush fabric resting perches and sleeping boxes
  • Ladder for climbing and stretching
  • Hanging Toy Mouse and Hanging Rope for additional fun

You will appreciate the stylish designs and colours that will match any decor. Some very simple assembly is required and an instruction manual is included.

Dimension: 130 (H) x 50 (W) x 50 (L) cm  

View Castle Scratching Tower

Somerzby Cat Towers

The Somerzby cat scratching posts are the ultimate home for any cat or kitten.

These luxurious cat towers are an all in one paradise that combines scratching, perching, chasing, climbing and just plain fun all in one piece.

With there plush carpeted surfaces and multiple platforms for you kitty cat to jump around in comfort, these cat scratching towers come in range of combinations with bed cubes, hammocks, and multiple carpeted platforms to provide shelter.

You’re cat will love to scratch and play with the sisal ropes, and it’s safe. The strong construction of these cat towers features a sturdy base that prevents any swaying not to mention the stylish decors that will blend in with any modern decor.

Majestic Cat Scratching Post

The Somerzby Majestic is a very popular cat scractching post amongst the cats that like to sleep, with a sleeping cave and perch, it’s the premium home for any cat or kitten.


Cherry Blossom Cat Playgym

The Somerzby Cherry Blossom is the ultimate in super comfy cat play gym and is the ultimate comfort home for any cat or kitten. Comes with Plush fabric, cosy sleeping areas with cat cave.


Balmoral Cat Post

The Balmoral is our latest cat scratching post and is the ultimate home for any cat or kitten. This luxurious cat tower is an all in one paradise that combines all the things your cats love.

Cat scratching side of house

What is the best design for cat scratching posts?

The best cat scratching posts have a number of common elements and these can make all the difference between having a well loved useful cat scratching post and having your curtains shredded on a regular basis.

  • Strength – The best cat scratching posts feature heavy duty construction that ensures their survival even after frequent revisits from your resident killer cat
  • Stability – Cats put an amazing amount of energy and force into scratching and the post needs to be sufficiently heavy and stable to resists the cat’s pulling power
  • Height – cat scratching posts need to be tall enough to provide cats with a good spine stretch

Great cat scratching towers also include features such as perches because cats love to rest in high places where they have a good ‘bird’s eye’ view of the world.

Soft materials are good for sleeping platforms because pampered cats expect a high degree of luxury.

Tree-like construction adds to the pleasure of exploring the cat scratcher and climbing up and around the various levels keeps your cat flexible.

Hanging ropes and toy mice are other attractive features on well-designed cat scratchers. They provide an element of movement that cats just love getting their claws into.

What’s the best rope for cat scratching posts?

Sisal rope is usually chosen as the best rope for cat scratchers. It’s a natural fibre from the agave plant.

Sisal has very high levels of abrasion resistance and cats love getting their claws into the rough texture.

Sisal rope won’t break up and leave a mess around the house. Sisal rope is bio degradable so great for the environment as well.

Somerzby have chosen only the best cat scratching posts, towers, perches, and tree houses for your cats.

The Somerzby range has been tested and approved by some of Australia’s most demanding cats.


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