Somerzby Chicken Coops, Rabbit Hutches, Dog Crates, Guinea Pig Cages and Cat Enclosures.

You love your pets and your pets will love their new Somerzby chicken coop, rabbit hutch, puppy crate, guinea pig cage or cat enclosure.

With Somerzby, your pets will have a heavenly haven because our products are the best

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Somerzby, Our Pet Enclosures are Safe as Houses

To promote the health of your pets you need to ensure your coops and cages, rabbit hutch, dog crate, outdoor cat enclosures or guinea pig cage has these essential design features: comfort, ventilation, space and protection.

Our clients love these superior Somerzby features:

  • 10mm mesh stops mice, rats, snakes and foxes from getting near your loved pets
  • asphalt roof keeps your pets cool and dry
  • ample sized nesting and resting space allows your pets to sleep, breed and brood in peace
  • disease prevention thanks to the easy to clean design
  • mosquito-proof mesh on some models protects your rabbits from mosquito borne disease
  • excellent ventilation, thanks to thoughtfully placed doors, windows and vents
  • wood construction: cool in summer, warm in winter

Your pets will feel right at home in a Somerzby coop, hutch or cage. Most of our coops feature slightly rounded square roosting poles.

Research indicates that chickens prefer rounded square roosting poles because they are easier on their feet.

Cleaning is easy with Somerzby 

You don’t have a lot of time to run around cleaning up after your pets: your children make sure of that.

The thoughtful, intelligent design of Somerzby chook coops, rabbit hutches, guinea pig cages and cat and dog crates and enclosures means that you have more time to enjoy your pets and your children.

Special features (model specs vary) include:

  • slide out metal trays at waist height (some models vary) make cleaning a breeze
  • cleverly designed feeders eliminate spillage and unnecessary mess
  • walk-in access and thoughtfully placed doors make cleaning a breeze

Celebrate with your children, chickens, dogs, cats and coops

Your children will be thrilled with the exciting range of fun colours that make the Somerzby collection of chicken coops, rabbit hutches, dog crates or outside cat enclosures the centrepiece of your backyard.

Picture the delight on your children’s faces as they enjoy hours of pleasure looking after your pets.

Somerzby backyard chicken coops, rabbit hutches, guinea pig cages, dog and cat enclosures are child friendly because the:

  • easy access allows the children to interact with the pets without cramping the pet’s freedom
  • easy to clean design keeps your young children safe from any infectious diseases
  • user-friendly features makes feeding and cleaning child’s play
  • non-toxic water-based stain: safe for the little ones
  • fun range of colours will delight you and your children

Set-up is simple

Rest easy, your chicken coop will arrive with all the hard work taken care of.

You can erect your new coop in an hour or so with only a cordless drill and a shifting spanner. Simply screw the panels in place.

  • pre-assembly means no holes need to be drilled
  • latches and screws are included and clearly labelled
  • assembly is a one-person job (except for the largest products)

Somerzby products are strong

Our pet enclosures, crates, playpens, runs and carriers are tough. Some of our competitors cut corners to bring you a cheap product: we don’t!

You can depend on:

  • tough Chinese fir: rot resistant and it will not crack or split in the sun
  • waterproof asphalt roof bonded to plywood – safe as houses

Outdoor Runs and Enclosures for all

You can choose from a huge range of spacious, airy enclosures from the “Mansion” to the “Homestead” for a couple of cats.

Optional add-on runs give you the flexibility to adapt the enclosures to your needs.

Add a run to the “Homestead” and your pets will have a massive 6ms by 2ms to play in!

The modular design of some of our products allows enormous freedom to combine and create your enclosure according to the needs of your cats.

Constant innovation

We always strive to bring you the best product. These are our designs based on years of our personal research and experience and we continually seek improvements and innovation. We stand behind our product because we know it is superior! 

Chook Feeders

Tired of the mess your chickens make when you feed them?

Try our chicken feeders and drinkers. Clever and sturdy design eliminates spillage and wastage. Weight based release means the chickens eat when they want and you save money!

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