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Somerzby Chicken Coops - The Ultimate Chook House

You can choose from a huge range of spacious, airy coops, pens, houses and cages from the “Villa” for one rabbit to the “Homestead” for 12 chickens.

Optional add-on chook runs give you the flexibility to adapt the coops to your needs. Add a run to the “Homestead” and your pets will have a massive 6ms by 2ms to play in!

The modular design of some of our products allows enormous freedom to combine and create your cages according to the needs of your pets.

Easy to clean, and easy to access are just a few of the benefits with our new range of Walk in chicken coops such as the Extra Large Homestead Coop.

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manor-large-chicken-coop.jpg homestead-extra-large-chicken-coop.jpg mansion-deluxe-large-chicken-coop.jpg

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Chicken_Coop_-_Cottage.jpg bungalow-medium-chicken-coop.jpg Somerzby_Villa_and_Run-_Side_On.jpg

There's A Size to Meet All Your Needs

Somerzby have an exciting range of models and sizes to meet the needs of you and your chickens.

All our chicken coops exhibit the same exacting standards that you have come to expect from Somerzby products.

Look through the exciting features of our range and you will see why our customers are consistently happy.

We recommend that you lay concrete pavers to rest your chicken coop on, as they will give added protection from ground moisture and ensure the long life of your backyard coop.

Chickens will often share the nest box and all lay in the same place, one nest box for each chook is not needed.

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Somerzby Chicken Coops are shipped Australia wide including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, ACT, and Perth.


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We are a family owned, and Australian based business, supplying quality products at great prices. We are open to the public from 9-4.30 Mon to Fri. 69 Chivers Rd, Somersby NSW 2250. Phone 02 43404200

We pride ourselves on a high level of customer satisfaction.

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