Somerzby Rabbit Hutches, Runs and Cages

At Somerzby we have a delightful range of rabbit hutches for sale. All our rabbit hutches, breeding banks and cages come with a great range of features that are designed to keep your pet bunnies happy and healthy.

Your rabbits will love their new home, as all our hutches include essential design features for comfort, ventilation, safety and space that ensure the good health of your rabbits.


The Lexi portable indoor cage is the perfect home for your rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets or other small pets. This spacious and strong cage gives your furry friends plenty of room to play and rest while feeling safe and secure.



The Somerzby Villa rabbit hutch features 2 levels to maximise play space. The upper level features a pull out tray for easy cleaning and a sheltered area for sleeping and protection from the elements.



The Somerzby Cottage is a favourite with children and adults alike! It’s super cute and is the perfect fit for a smaller backyard. It’s easy to clean and access with a metal pull out tray.



The Somerzby Deluxe Double hutch features 2 levels that connect with a ramp. You can block off this ramp to create 2 separate areas. This hutch is perfect for use on a deck/patio as it isn’t open to the ground like other hutches.



The Somerzby Bungalow is a good size, easy clean hutch suitable for up to 3 rabbits. It uses a non-toxic stain and features sturdy wire mesh so you can be sure your bunnies are safe from rats, snakes and other animals.



The Holly Rabbit Hutch features a sheltered nesting box and opens from both ends and at the side for ease of cleaning. You can also open and shut the door to the nest area from outside the tractor. Suitable for 3 rabbits.



With easy clean and access, the Somerzby Deluxe Cottage is the perfect fit for a smaller backyard. It is great to keep your rabbits safe and to keep out that wily fox with a wire mesh floor and fly/mozzie screens.



The Somerzby Chalet features a large front opening for easy access to your bunnies and easy cleaning. It also boasts a handle to easily open and shut the door to the house from the outside.



The Somerzby Tri Level rabbit hutch features 3 self-contained spaces, great for separating your bunnies or setting up a breeding bank. This hutch is perfect for your bunnies’ health and safety.



The Somerzby Mansion comes in 2 colour combinations and is suitable for up to 6 bunnies. The entire front opens and metal tray slides out for easy cleaning. The wire mesh protects your bunnies from predators.



The Somerzby Cabana Rabbit Hutch is a free standing hutch featuring a stylish charcoal trim. The Cabana is luxury living with a large spacious interior. It’s the ultimate outdoor accommodation for your pets. 



The Deluxe Mansion hutch is easy to clean with a front opening door and galvanised metal pull-out tray. It has stainless steel fly screen to protect from flies and mozzies. It has a wire mesh floor to keep your bunnies safe from predators.



The Somerzby Estate Hutch has a large 133cm high door. It’s super easy to access and clean with a large metal pull-out tray. You can even close the door at the top of the ramp from outside the house.



The Homestead features a large sheltered resting box, fir wood construction and even has wood backing under the house area for plenty of weather protection. It is easy to clean and features a  long-lasting metal pull-out tray.


We’ve made it easy for children to interact with their pets.

Our hutches have easy access and are effortless to clean due to the intelligent design, slide out trays and access through wide doors. It makes it simple for the kids to help out with feeding and cleaning.

Somerzby hutches are easy to assemble. Smaller hutches take less than one hour!

Our practical hutches are suitable for both indoor and outdoors.

We have 2 innovative models Deluxe Cottage and Deluxe Mansion that include wire on the base that prevents your little friends from digging out or predators digging in.

Optional, add-on rabbit runs are available, allowing you to expand the size of your rabbit house and provide more space for them to hop.

We also have some great value rabbit hutch and run packages available.

Pet Rabbits need to be kept safe
Mansion Rabbit Hutch

What Type of Rabbit Hutch is Best For Me?

Once you’ve decided to get a pet rabbit, the next thing you need to do is work out what type of rabbit hutch or house you want.

There’s many different types of cages and hutches, you have the choice of an indoor or outdoor hutchlarge or small, portable cages with wheels, or even one storey or two storey rabbit homes.

To get started, let’s work out if you want an indoor rabbit hutch or an outdoor rabbit hutch. It’s usually the easiest decision to make and will help to filter the right type of hutch.

View Mansion Rabbit Hutch

Indoor Rabbit Hutch

The Somerzby range has several wooden indoor rabbit hutches that are well suited to any home.

The Deluxe Double is a two-storey hutch that has the flexibility to be used as one larger hutch or two smaller areas.

When used as a single space, there’s a ramp between the two levels. There is a trap door at the top of the ramp that can close to create two separate self-contained spaces.

It’s ideal for keeping two rabbits. If they ever need to be separated, you easily can! It is also perfect to use as a breeding bank

It comes with mosquito screens to protect your rabbits from disease. It has solid timber legs so it sits nicely on a balcony or indoor floor.

For a larger indoor rabbit hutch that’s suitable for up to six rabbits, there’s the Somerzby Tri-Level.

This three-storey rabbit cage design features 3 self-contained spaces, each with a metal pull out tray that makes it easy to keep clean.

Each of the three levels are ventilated with wire mesh and it’s a great way to keep your bunnies indoors and protected from the outdoor elements.

It’s also perfect to be used on a deck, patio or under the pergola.

view deluxe double hutch
Double Bank Rabbit Hutch for indoors
Somerzby Deluxe Cottage

Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

The Somerzby range includes a great selection of outdoor rabbit hutches to choose from that are perfect for any Aussie backyard.

Rabbit Hutches for Smaller Backyards

The Somerzby Deluxe Cottage is a popular choice with kids. It’s perfect for smaller backyards and is suitable to accommodate up to three rabbits.      

When keeping your rabbits outdoors there some important health and safety considerations to keep in mind. 

Fox Proof Rabbit Hutch – The Deluxe Cottage features a wire mesh floor to keep your rabbits safe from foxes and also prevent them digging out.

Mosquito Proof Rabbit Hutch – The Deluxe Cottage has stainless steel fly / mosquito screens to keep your rabbits protected against mosquito-borne diseases like myxomatosis and the new strain of rabbit haemorrhagic disease calicivirus (RHDV-K5).

View Deluxe Cottage Hutch

Rabbit Hutches for Larger Backyards

The Somerzby Deluxe Mansion is a large rabbit hutch that is suitable to accommodate up to six rabbits. It features an elevated sleeping area with access to the rabbit run via a timber ramp.

This rabbit hutch with the run allows your rabbits to roam safely. The elevated sleeping area allows the rabbit run to extend underneath as well.

It’s a two-storey hutch and features large front opening doors for easy access as well as an opening resting box on the side.

It is fox proof, snake proof and mouse proof thanks to the fly screens on all open panels and the wire mesh floor will keep your rabbits safe from foxes and rats digging in underneath.

view Deluxe Mansion hutch
Deluxe Mansion Enclosure
Somerzby Homestead Rabbit Hutch

Rabbit Hutches for Big Backyards

The Somerzby Homestead Rabbit Hutch is an extra-large rabbit hutch that’s almost three metres in length and is suitable for six rabbits.

The Somerzby Homestead is almost 1.8 metres tall to the apex with a huge front entry door that’s 1.34 metres high, making it nice and easy to access.

The Somerzby Homestead has plenty of room for your rabbits to run, the attached rabbit run is over 1.8 metres in length with additional run underneath the elevated sleeping area.

It features metal trays for easy cleaning and comes with galvanised wire mesh to protect your bunnies from pests and vermin.


view homestead hutch

Rabbit Hutch on Wheels

The Somerzby Holly is a rabbit hutch on wheels. It’s a portable rabbit cage suitable for up to three rabbits!

This tractor-style rabbit cage can be easily moved around your yard thanks to the built-in wheels and attached handles.     

As a portable rabbit cage, it makes it easy to move with one person giving your rabbits access to fresh food and prevent overgrazing. 

It has easy access with doors opening both ends and a side entry as well.

View Holly Hutch
Holly - Rabbit Hutch


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Kimberley my sales assistant was so helpful and friendly I will recommend Somerzby to all my family and friends.



Thanks Somerzby for supplying my kitty with the goods!

She loves it and I love knowing she is now safe when I am not home



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