Afterpay for Chicken Coops, Rabbit Hutches and Somerzby Pet Products

Select Afterpay as your payment method

Somerzby are looking to the future and that future means listening to our customers about their preferred payment methods.

Gone are the days of spending up large on multiple credit cards with ramped up interest charges or signing up to complex hire purchase agreements with dubious fine print conditions.

Today’s customers want to be able to shop online and purchase in comfort and security with easy payment options.

Modern customers are increasingly tech savvy and also want to preserve their privacy. The wildly popular Afterpay platform was created to fill just those needs and is going from strength to strength.

Afterpay already has more than 53,000 followers on Facebook.

Somerzby recognised the need for a payment platform that allowed customers to purchase and enjoy our products now and pay later but without the painful credit fees.

That’s why we have added Afterpay as a payment option for you in our online store.

Select afterpay as your payment method

What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is an exciting new payment platform that allows you to purchase and receive goods immediately but pay them off in instalments without incurring any credit fees or other costs.

Afterpay is the exciting new tech innovation that meets your need for a payment option that really looks after your private information and ensures your money goes to purchasing the things you need and want without handing a percentage to the banks.

Afterpay is your perfect shopping partner when you shop with Somerzby. Simply choose Afterpay as your payment option at checkout—it’s so easy.

Afterpay means you get to:

  • Enjoy your purchase immediately
  • Pay for your purchase in four easy fortnightly instalments
  • Forget about credit fees or extra charges
  • Purchase online without having to hand over your personal details

Savvy credit card users know to pay off their debts in full before incurring interest but with Afterpay you don’t even have to think about making the payments at all, as your nominated debit card (or credit card) will be automatically debited on the instalment due date.

You can log on to your Afterpay account at any time to keep tabs on your purchases and payment history.

The popularity of Afterpay is going through the roof—more than 15% of online shoppers are now using Afterpay as their preferred method of payment.

afterpay, BUY NOW, PAY LATER

Why Is Afterpay Perfect For Online Shopping?

Online shopping has become the preferred form of shopping for many people today.

You love the convenience, ease, the enormous range and the amazing bargains available but constantly handing over your personal banking information to every online store you visit is a real drag and a very real security risk.

Add the varying standards of online store banking security and you could find yourself the latest victim of a hacking scam.

Afterpay means you never have to hand over your financial details to an online store again.

Simply log in to Afterpay, choose your preferred store and the items you want to purchase and then nominate Afterpay as your payment option at checkout.

You will receive a purchase confirmation email detailing the dates of your payment instalments and the amounts of each instalment.

New customers will pay the first instalment up front (and also for purchases over $500) whereas existing Afterpay customers will pay their first instalment after two weeks.

Afterpay will guarantee payment to the merchant and the merchant will ship your items immediately to you.

It’s that easy and the online store will never know your financial details.

Afterpay has taken online shopping to a whole new level of security, peace of mind and convenience.

afterpay, BUY NOW, PAY LATER

What Will It Cost Me?

Absolutely nothing.

That’s the great thing about Afterpay—it costs you nothing—no interest or credit fees or handling charges.

Afterpay is leading the revolution away from debt inducing credit cards with their punitive interest rates.

Yes, you can link your Afterpay to your credit card but according to Afterpay founder, Nick Molnar, some 85% of Afterpay users use debit cards to pay off the instalments and this trend is growing.

Yes, there may be a modest late payment fee if you miss an installment and don’t make alternative arrangements to pay.

But Afterpay encourages responsible spending by simply preventing you from making any further purchases until you have paid your Afterpay debts.

Afterpay knows that you will love the Afterpay experience so much that refusal of service will guarantee prompt payments of debts.

afterpay, BUY NOW, PAY LATER

What If I’m Not Happy With My Purchase?

Afterpay is committed to creating a great shopping experience for both customers and merchants.

If you are not satisfied with any of our Somerzby products simply return them to us in good condition (in the original packaging) within 30 days and we will gladly refund the purchase price minus any Afterpay fees.

Once we have received the goods back we simply instruct Afterpay to refund the amount back to your account.

This may take a few days depending on your bank’s processes but rest assured Afterpay has you covered.

Select Afterpay as your payment method

Is Afterpay Safe?

Here at Somerzby we take your financial security very seriously—that’s why we’re happy to use Afterpay,and ZipPay as payment options for our ecommerce online store

Afterpay is fully compliant with all the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

Afterpay is recognised as a PCI DSS Level 1 certified compliant Service Provider organisation—this represents the highest level of security, safe handling, and storage for financial transactions and personal information.

When you shop with Afterpay you know that not only your financial details are safe but your personal information also is protected.

Afterpay is the innovative, painless way to ensure you are looking after your loved pets with all the best and latest Somerzby products.

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