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Freeze Dry Australia

Freeze Dry Australia manufacture freeze dried treats for pets. They source premium Australian ingredients and focus on maximising both flavour and nutrition.

Made in Australia

Pet owners Australia wide have embraced the Freeze Dry Australia brand due to its proven reliability and quality.

The peace of mind that comes with knowing the company is 100% Australian owned and the products are all made here makes it especially appealing.

What is even more unique is that the brand is run by two chefs with over 30 years of collective experience in food preparation - making their products not just safe but delicious too!


Freeze Dry Australia produce a wide range of freeze dried treats and food that are suitable for both dogs and cats.

They use minimal, quality ingredients which makes their products easy to digest and full of flavour.

Freeze Dry Australia offer something every dog will love! Their vast range includes:

Seafood treats - Raw Sardines, Green Lip Mussels, Raw Salmon Belly

Chicken treats Chicken Hearts, Chicken Necks

Meat treats - Raw Lamb Hearts, Raw Kangaroo Liver, Beef Chews

Cookie treats - Kangaroo, Lamb, Venison


Treats are a great way to show affection for your dog. Freeze Dry Australia has crafted the perfect treat for your beloved pup, with a great flavour and consistency that will make them bark for more.

Dog owners know how important treats are for training their dogs. Ensuring your dog enjoys the flavour of his treats can make a huge difference during training sessions.

If he doesn't enjoy the taste, he'll probably refuse to eat them and then the treats will become far less effective in teaching new behaviours.

This is why dog trainers recommend Freeze Dry Australia as the perfect training treats. They can easily be broken into bite sized pieces for quick positive reinforcement.

Freeze Drying Process

The freeze drying process is an incredible way to preserve raw ingredients.

This method begins by first freezing the raw ingredients. These are typically proteins but can also be fruits or vegetables.

The frozen ingredients are then dried out by being placed in a vacuum under low pressure where heat is added. This process is called sublimation and will remove 95% of moisture.

Freeze drying preserves the food to help it last up to 18 months. Drying it out also makes it easier to handle - it allows you to handle raw ingredients without being wet or sloppy. It also makes it easy to break the dried treats into small bite size pieces.


With freeze drying, consumers don't have to sacrifice nutrition for their pets to enjoy a dried product.

Unlike dehydrating foods, the freeze drying process allows vitamins and minerals to remain intact, preserving their nutritional content.

Freeze Dry Australia takes advantage of this process and offers the healthiest freeze dried treats on the market.

Their products are preservative free, grain free and bone free - so you get all the nutrition your furry friend needs without any unwanted ingredients.

Not only that, but you also get the convenience of easily stored and transportable treat with a texture that will keep your pet's interest.