Keeping Chickens in the Backyard – See Why They Are Better Than Vacuum Cleaners

Why are chickens better than vacuum cleaners

Why are chickens better than vacuum cleaners?

You’ve seen the ads: life will be deliriously happy and fulfilled when you buy the right vacuum cleaner? Wrong! What you really need are some chickens.

Here are six reasons why chickens in your backyard are better and will give you more pleasure than the best vacuum cleaner money can buy.

chooks are better conversationalists


Chickens can be surprisingly chatty and conversation with your girls will cover a broad range of topics from a gentle cluck, cluck, clucking over the injustices of life to an in-depth exposé of the political life and pecking order in the chook house.

And although their singing abilities are not so great and your chickens will never be another Bee Gees or Crowded House they can make a surprising range of sounds.

You can also pour your own life story out to your girls and receive sympathising clucks in response…

…a vacuum cleaner just screams at you.

Chickens are better gardeners


One of the great advantages of keeping chickens is that they can help control pests in your garden.

Let your chooks loose in an unused area of your veggie garden and they’ll happily eat their way through large numbers of those pest insects.

Your girls will even leave behind some fantastic manure at the same time.

Chickens will do wonders for your garden whereas a vacuum cleaner…

well, have you ever tried to suck up those pesky lettuce-munching slugs and snails with a vacuum cleaner?

Case closed!

Chickens are cheaper to run


It costs very little to keep chickens fed and healthy.

Chickens are great food waste disposal experts and will happily forage for insects in your garden.

You may need to buy a few additional nutritional supplements but other than that chickens don’t need much.

As excellent egg producers chickens are very cheap to run and will save you a bundle over supermarket eggs whereas a vacuum cleaner will take money out of your purse every time you turn that sucker on.

Chickens give better hugs


Chickens are very friendly, sociable creatures and they enjoy a good cuddle.

Chickens make great pets.

Your children will love them and your feathered girls will respond with oodles of affection.

And chickens are a great way to teach children about the need to care for other creatures.

On the other hand, have you ever tried to hug a vacuum cleaner?

Chickens give you eggs


Look after your chickens and they will produce generous quantities of fresh protein-rich eggs.

Fresh free-range eggs are richer in those healthy omega-3 acids and vitamins than cage chook eggs.

Say a resounding ‘no’ to battery raised chickens and raise your own free-range organic chooks and eggs.

You get to control what goes into your eggs and it’s better for you and it’s better for chickens.

The only thing a vacuum cleaner will give you is a sore back and a runny nose when you clean the dust bag.

Chickens are better looking


There are more than 400 different breeds of chickens and the variety of colourings and plumage is quite extraordinary.

Many people turn to raising their favourite breed as a hobby or even as a professional breeder…

…Vacuum cleaners just look like very ugly, noisy little suckers.

However you look at chickens they are great little birds deserving of love and affection and a place in your heart and backyard.

Do yourself a favour and get some chickens.

And Somerzby have a great range of chook runs and chook houses to make keeping your home range chooks so easy and so much fun.

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