Choosing the Best XL Calming Dog Bed for Your Large Breed

Choosing the Best XL Calming Dog Bed for Your Large Breed

I’m Toni, and as a devoted dog mum to two Cavoodles, I’ve discovered just how crucial it is to create a comfortable and calming environment for our furry mates. Ever heard of an XL calming dog bed? If not, you’re in for a treat!

Imagine your pooch sinking into the softest bed after a long day of play – that’s exactly what these beds offer. They aren’t just oversized pillows; they provide much-needed stress relief for dogs and promote healthier sleep patterns.

In this post, we’ll explore why XL calming dog beds are vital, especially for larger breeds. We’ll also discuss some key features to look out for when choosing one such as material quality, design aspects, durability and ease of cleaning.

Benefits of XL Calming Dog Beds

An XL calming dog bed is more than just a place for your pet to sleep. It’s a haven designed to make your dog feel secure and relaxed. 

Reducing Anxiety

Dogs can experience stress and anxiety much like humans do. This might be due to separation from their owners, changes in environment or loud noises such as thunderstorms and fireworks.

A calming dog bed acts as an anti-anxiety remedy by mimicking the comfort of a mother’s fur coat while also providing warmth and security.

Promoting Better Sleep

An often overlooked aspect of our pets’ health is their sleep quality. Just like us, they need deep REM sleep cycles for physical restoration and muscle growth.

The average adult dog needs at least 12 hours of sleep per day!

Quality calming beds are super comfortable, meaning your dog can have a relaxing, uninterrupted rest.

Features to Look for in an XL Calming Dog Bed

If you’re shopping for a calming dog bed to accommodate a larger breed, look for these features:

Comfortable Material

The first feature to consider is the material used in the bed. Ideally, it should be soft with enough padding to offer your pet a comfortable rest area.


You want something that can withstand some wear and tear without losing its form or functionality over time.

Cleaning Convenience

Pets can sometimes create messes – it’s part of their charm.

But this means you’ll need an easily cleanable bed – preferably machine washable like Somerzby’s Calming Dog Beds.


Check the dimensions of a dog bed before purchasing online.

It’s a smart move to measure your dog from their nose to tail while they’re sleeping, then toss in a few extra centimetres for good measure. 

Toni’s Tip: 

For a stylish and comfortable bed that will make your pup feel secure, Somerzby is the perfect choice. Our Calming Dog Beds come in both Large and XXL sizes to suit almost any breed.

Somerzby Calming Dog Beds

If you’ve got a big dog who needs a cosy spot to rest, the Somerzby Large and XXL Calming Dog Beds are an excellent choice.

These beds aren’t just roomy – they’re also designed with your pet’s comfort in mind.

Designed for Comfort and Anxiety Relief

Our beds have been specially crafted to mimic the fluffiness of a mother’s fur coat, helping dogs feel secure.

The raised rim gives them somewhere to lean their heads, reducing anxiety. Filled with plenty of stuffing, these beds offer superior comfort compared to traditional thin mats. 

Safety and Ease of Cleaning

 The non-slip bottom ensures the bed stays put even during boisterous play sessions.

You can wash your Somerzby Calming Dog Bed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

Afterwards, air dry on a flat surface then fluff back into shape. Simple!

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

No one wants an eyesore in their living room – luckily Somerzby Calming Dog Beds blend seamlessly into any home decor style with their neutral colour and minimalist design. 

Somerzby Calming Dog Beds

How to Choose Between Large and XXL Sizes

Somerzby Calming Dog Beds come in 2 sizes – Large and XXL.

But how do you decide which one is best for your dog?

Your Dog’s Size

The first step is to measure your dog while it is sleeping in a typical position. Alternatively, you could measure an existing bed your dog fits onto well now.

Next, compare these to the dimensions of our beds. Remember to allow an extra few centimetres so your dog has plenty of room to get comfortable!

  • Large Calming Bed: 60cm diameter
  • XXL Calming Bed: 100cm diameter

When shopping for a puppy, consider their anticipated adult size.

You don’t want the bed to end up being too small in just six months!

Making an informed choice from the get-go can be more cost-effective.

Sleeping Habits

Take note of what positions your dog typically sleeps in.

Dogs that love curling themselves into tight balls may be happy on a smaller bed while dogs that love stretching out full length will need a bigger bed.

Toni’s Wrap

XL calming dog beds not only provide a cosy place for big dogs to rest, but they also promote better quality sleep and reduce anxiety levels.

When shopping for a calming dog bed, prioritise comfortable material, easy cleaning and size.

Somerzby Calming Dog Beds are available in Large and XXL sizes to suit almost any dog. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality calming beds at affordable prices.

We’re pet lovers too – in fact, every Somerzby employee has a dog at home.

As a proud dog mum to two Cavoodle puppies, I can tell you that my pups love their Large Calming Dog Bed.

Buy a new bed for your dogs by visiting our website here or view our range of dog kennels, crates, playpens and bowls here.