Choosing the Best Beds for Dogs with Anxiety

Choosing the Best Beds for Dogs with Anxiety

Have you ever seen your dog pacing nervously during a thunderstorm or stressed by New Year’s fireworks? Imagine the peace of mind a dedicated calming dog bed could bring to your furry friend in such anxious moments.

From dogs suffering from separation anxiety to pups terrified by loud noises, calming dog beds have become an absolute game-changer.

Today, we’re going to delve into what makes these cosy retreats work and how they play a crucial role in soothing your pets anxieties.

Understanding the Importance of Calming Dog Beds

Anxiety is a prevalent problem impacting the lives of over 4 in 10 dogs. In Australia alone, this equates to around 2 million dogs experiencing distress. One effective way to alleviate this stress for our furry friends is through the use of calming dog beds.

A well-designed calming pet bed provides a secure and comfortable space where your pet can relax. Its soft structure mimics the feeling of being cradled or hugged, providing comfort and reducing anxiety levels.

Calming dog beds provide a secure and comfortable space

Essential Features to Look for in a Calming Dog Bed

When looking for the perfect calming dog bed, there are several key features to look for:

  • Raised edges or bolsters
  • Machine washability
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Quality of material
  • Stylish design
  • Softness
  • Thickness of padding

How to Choose the Right Calming Dog Bed for Your Pet

When looking for the ideal calming bed for your pet, you need to consider size and shape.

Use general size guidelines provided by the manufacturer based on dog breeds. However, keep in mind that individual dogs may vary, so measurements are more accurate.

Observe how your dog typically sleeps. If they like to stretch out, choose a bed that matches their full length. If they curl up, a round or oval bed with raised edges might be preferred.

The Somerzby Calming Dog Bed is a top rated calming dog bed for anxious pets, available in Large and XXL sizes to cater to all dog breeds.

This super soft calming dog bed is crafted with shaggy faux fur for the ultimate comfort and a non-slip base for stability, this bed ensures your furry friend feels safe and secure, creating the perfect space for relaxation.

Tips for Introducing and Using a Calming Dog Bed

Getting your pet used to their new calming dog bed might take some time, but with patience and the right approach, it’ll soon become their favourite spot.

Start by placing the bed in a quiet area where your dog feels safe. You could even add an item of your clothing so they associate the smell with comfort.

It’s important not to force them onto the bed as this may cause anxiety. Instead, encourage use through positive reinforcement like treats or praise when they choose to relax on it themselves. 

A great feature about many calming beds is that they’re washable – just remember to follow care instructions closely for longevity.

Lastly, don’t forget regular maintenance; removing hair and refreshing bedding will help keep things hygienic.

A great feature about many calming beds is that they’re washable

Additional Ways to Calm and Comfort Your Dog

While a cosy calming dog bed can significantly soothe your pet, there are more ways you can help them feel safe.

Aromatherapy is a beneficial strategy to help relax your pet. Certain essential oils like lavender have been found to relax dogs effectively, especially during thunderstorms or when they’re anxious.

Soft melodies specifically composed for animals could enhance the relaxing environment created by their comfy bed.

The combination of these techniques with a superior pet bed, such as our range of super soft beds, will create an overall tranquil setting for your furry friend.

Toni’s Wrap

So, you’ve journeyed with us through the ins and outs of calming dog beds. You now understand why these soft havens are so crucial for our anxious mates. They alleviate stress and create a comforting environment reminiscent of their mum’s fur coat.

You’ve also picked up some key features to look out for in calming pet beds- washable cover, faux fur material, raised rim design and extra padding. Remember – it’s all about finding what suits your furry friend best.

The importance of introducing the new bed properly shouldn’t be underestimated either! Take it slow; let them explore at their own pace before expecting immediate results.

All set? Now go ahead, make your pup’s life more comfortable with an ideal calming dog bed!



We’ve included our research findings related to dog anxiety and the relevance of calming beds, along with links to the studies & citations.

These studies collectively emphasize the role of calming beds in managing and reducing anxiety in dogs, making them a valuable tool for improving canine well-being.

Research indicates a significant prevalence of anxiety disorders in dogs, influenced by factors like breed, age, genetics, and environment.

This prevalence underscores the necessity for solutions like calming beds, which offer a safe and comforting space for anxious dogs.

[Source:] Journal of Veterinary Behavior

A study exploring the relationship between oxytocin and cortisol levels during dog-owner interactions found that certain types of touch and communication can significantly affect stress-related hormonal levels.

Calming beds, by mimicking comforting touch, can help elevate oxytocin levels and reduce anxiety in dogs.

[Source: PubMed Central]

Anxious dogs often exhibit behaviors like excessive barking and pacing, which are responses to their environment.

Calming beds provide a designated safe space that can help reduce these stress-related behaviors by offering security and comfort.