How to Choose the Ideal Playpen for Puppies

How to Choose the Ideal Playpen for Puppies

Embarking on the exciting journey of puppy parenthood? This comprehensive guide will discover the multifaceted role of a playpen for puppies — safeguarding, training and fostering independence. 

Uncover the key features to consider when choosing dog playpens. Dive into practical tips for a seamless introduction, maintenance, and cleaning. 

Plus, meet the star of our recommendations—the Somerzby Arena playpen for puppies, ensuring safety, spaciousness, and versatility. 

Understanding the Purpose of a Playpen for Puppies

Puppy playpens, also known as dog exercise pens, are an enclosed area where your young pup can safely play without being able to wander too far.

The primary purpose of a puppy pen is to give pups their own safe space. It lets them roam around without getting into mischief or potentially harmful situations. 


Besides safety reasons, using a playpen makes training easier too.

Whether you’re teaching toilet habits or simple commands such as ‘sit’ or ‘stay’, having them in one place simplifies things.

Promoting Independent Play

Although we love spending time with our furry friends, there are moments when we need some downtime.

That’s when puppy playpens come to the rescue! They allow your little mate to entertain themselves safely while you get on with other tasks.

Easing Separation Anxiety

If introduced properly, the playpen becomes your pup’s personal space where they feel comfortable even if you’re not present all the time.

It eases separation anxiety by providing familiar surroundings filled with their favourite toys.This way, leaving home doesn’t become stressful but just part of the daily routine.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Puppy Playpen

Choosing a playpen for your puppy can greatly influence their comfort, safety and development. Let’s delve into the essential features you should look out for.


Puppy playpens come in various materials such as metal, plastic or fabric.

Metal pens are heavy duty; plastic ones are lightweight but less durable; fabric pens offer comfort but might not stand up to a teething pup.


A spacious pen gives your puppy room to move around freely without feeling cramped.

However, an overly large one could make house training difficult as pups often choose one corner to go to the toilet in.

Portability & Easy Storage

If you need to frequently move the playpen or travel with it, opt for a lightweight foldable pet pen.

It’s important that setup and breakdown don’t turn into major projects each time.

Ease of Cleaning

To keep things hygienic for your fur baby, ensure the chosen playpen is easy-to-clean. Metal and plastic panels are easy to wipe down but fabric dog playpens can be very difficult to wash.

Toni’s Tip: 

While invaluable for training, be cautious with puppy playpens. Overuse can lead to limited socialisation, excess energy and anxiety. Strike a balance, provide ample interaction, and use the Somerzby Arena Playpen responsibly for a well-adjusted, healthy pup.

Tips for Introducing Your Puppy to a New Playpen

Bringing your puppy home and getting them used to their new playpen can be an exciting but challenging time.

To ensure a successful introduction to their playpen, here are some useful tips.

Create a Comfortable Space

Your pup’s first impression of their new playpen matters. Make sure it’s cosy with blankets or toys from their previous home, adding a comforting sense of familiarity.

Slow Introduction is Key

When introducing a metal dog pen or pet crate, rushing won’t do anyone good!

Start by placing them in the pen for short periods while they’re calm or sleepy. Gradually increase this time as they become more comfortable.

Maintain Positive Association

Puppies learn through association, so we need to keep experiences positive.

Give treats when they enter the playpen on their own or use cheerful tones when talking about the pen. But remember – no forcing and never use dog play pens are a punishment.

Incorporate Playtime

To prevent boredom and encourage exercise within safe bounds, incorporate playtime inside the enclosure itself.

Toys that stimulate mental activity such as puzzle feeders can be beneficial.

Maintaining and Cleaning Your Puppy’s Playpen

Keeping your puppy’s playpen clean is essential for their health and happiness. 

Daily Maintenance

A quick daily check-up can help keep the pet fence spotless. Remove any leftover food or waste promptly.

Regularly swap out toys with fresh ones – it not only keeps things hygienic but also piques your pup’s interest.

Deep Cleaning Routine

Puppies are learning, so accidents will happen!

About once a week, pet owners should remove all bedding then give the frame panels a good scrub down using pet-safe cleaning products. 

Somerzby Arena Playpen

If you’re looking for high quality pet playpens, our Somerzby Arena Playpen is just what you need. 

Safety First with Sturdy Construction

We understand that puppies can be quite active and adventurous, but don’t fret.

The Somerzby Arena Playpen is crafted from high-quality metal which ensures durability and guarantees your puppy can’t escape.

This gives you peace of mind knowing they’re safe while playing or resting.

Spacious Yet Compact Design

The size of our playpen allows ample space for your pup to move around freely without feeling confined.

But although spacious inside, we’ve designed this model so it doesn’t take up much room in your home or backyard. 

This foldable puppy dog fence is easy enough to pack down when not needed too – making storage a breeze.

Not Just for Puppies

The Arena pet dog playpen is also suitable for kittens and other small animals including rabbits and guinea pigs.

Somerzby Arena Playpen

Toni’s Wrap

A playpen for puppies is an invaluable tool for training and creating an environment where puppies feel secure without human company. Look for a playpen that is a good size, portable and made from quality materials.

When introducing puppies to playpens or dog crates, remember patience and positive association will make the experience a lot easier for you both.

We highly recommend our Somerzby Arena Playpen for puppies. It is safe, spacious and easy to set up.

Here at Somerzby, we not only provide quality pet products but we also pride ourselves on customer service. We want all customers to feel well equipped as they start their pet ownership journey.