Rat Cages for Your Pet Rat & Mouse by Somerzby

Keeping Rats as Pets

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Rats as Pets

Rats are becoming more and more popular as pets. They are friendly and playful. Pet rats will bond with each other as well as their human owner.

They love to spend time with you and be social! For this reason, it is always best to keep more than one pet rat.

They are very curious and need stimulation. Their cage should include hammocks, hide houses, running wheels, tunnels and small toys.

Rats will chew everything so choose items that are chew-proof or safe to chew.

Unlike mice, rats are very clean. They will groom themselves a lot, similar to a cat. They can be trained to use a litter box and even to do tricks!

Rats Playing on Spinning Wheel

Rats will live for around 3 years. They are a great pet for small homes who don’t have a yard or much space for pets.

Rats themselves can be cheap to purchase (around $15) but consider the long-term costs of their food, supplies and vet bills.

Rats are sensitive to weather (especially the heat) so it is best to house them inside where the temperature can be controlled.

Best Rat Cages

A rat cage gives your pet somewhere to call their own whilst simultaneously protecting your rat from predators, other pets and escaping.

It is best to invest in a good quality cage when you first get your rat. A high-quality cage will last a long time, be easy to clean and will make caring for your rats a better experience overall.

Choose a metal cage. Rats will chew wooden hutches and can ruin them quickly. Glass aquariums cannot be used as they don’t provide enough ventilation.

The Best Cages for Pet Rats


Bigger cages with multiple levels will allow your pet rat to exercise and play.

Consider where you will place the enclosure. It is best to choose an enclosure with wheels so it can easily be moved if needed.

All Somerzby rat cages are on wheels, for your convenience.

Somerzby cages also have slide out trays on the base, to make cleaning a breeze!

Consider the cage’s bar space based on the size of your rat. Somerzby cages have a gap of 2.3cm between the bars so baby or smaller rats may be able to escape.

Cheap Rat Cages

Somerzby rat cages are affordable yet high quality.

Rat Cage


Number of Rats














Please note the number of rats is a recommendation only and will depend on how you have the cage setup. Please check the dimensions before ordering to make sure you are happy with the size.

The Somerzby Ferret Cage - Lucy

Lucy Cage

The Lucy Ferret Cage is a great way to house your rats in comfort, safety and style. Measuring 132cm x 64cm x 44cm, it offers lots of space to play and rest.

The ramps and multiple levels offer lots of play space to explore.

White electro coated paint keeps your rats safe and also allows for excellent ventilation. Some other features include:

  • Caster wheels for easy moving
  • 5 platforms and 5 ramps
  • Pull out plastic tray for cleaning
  • 250ml drink bottle
  • Plastic food bowl
  • 3 front opening doors for easy access
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3 Level Ferret Cage - Cooper by Somerzby

Cooper Cage

The Cooper has very generous measurements with overall dimensions of 84cm x 64cm x 55cm, allowing your rats to run around and play as much as they want.

The small gaps in between the steel poles allows maximum ventilation while offering protection from snakes and other predators.

Features include:

  • Caster wheels for easy moving
  • Grey Hammerite coated steel
  • 3 platforms and 3 ramps
  • Pull out plastic tray for cleaning
  • 250ml drink bottle
  • Plastic food bowl
  • 2 front opening doors
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Tucker Cage

The Tucker cage is a premium, high quality cage made out of grey Hammerite coated steel. It measures 139cm x 79cm x52cm and has 4 levels so your rats can run around as much as they like.

 Features Include:

  • Caster wheels for easy moving
  • Storage shelf at bottom
  • Plastic pull out tray for cleaning
  • Latch on top to open roof
  • 1 cushioned platform mat
  • 1 hammock
  • 2 large front opening doors
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Australian Company

Somerzby is an Australian company with locally designed and stocked products. Our rat cages are made overseas and sold from our warehouse in Somersby, NSW. We are a small, family-run business.


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