How to Stop Dogs Chewing their Kennel

Dog Chewing Deterrents

How to Stop Dogs Chewing their Kennel

It is natural for your dog to want to chew everything. However, it can cause issues when your dog is chewing things that it shouldn’t.

It is best to address the issue early. The longer your dog chews on something, the harder it is to get it to stop.

Below we have some great tips on how to stop your dog from chewing its kennel.

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Should I Be Worried if My Dog Chews Wood?

Chew marks on your kennel are unattractive and can lessen the lifespan of the kennel if damage is severe enough.

All Somerzby dog kennels are made from Chinese Fir wood that has not been treated (as it is naturally resistant to rot).

They are coated in water based, non-toxic stain. This means it won’t harm your dog if it chews on the wood.

However, if your dog is breaking off chunks or swallowing any wood then there is a risk of splinters or internal damage. Regularly inspect your kennel to make sure there isn’t a hazard.

Dogs Chewing Wood

Why Does My Dog Chew its Kennel?

Understanding why your dog is chewing can help you to deal with the issue.

Some dogs chew because they are bored.

This is likely because they are left alone for long periods without enough stimulation or interaction. Some breeds are more prone to this.

Another common reason dogs chew is anxiety. They can feel stressed when left alone or in an environment where they don’t feel protected.

Puppies are more likely to chew than adult dogs.

They are worst when they are teething (up until 6 months old) as chewing can help relieve their mouth pain.

Dogs Chewing Kennels

Give it Something Else to Chew

Providing your dog with things it is allowed to chew can help prevent it from chewing its kennel.

Praise and encourage your dog when it chews on the correct things.

If you have multiple dogs, provide lots of toys so they can share, and choose items that are an appropriate size for your dog.

Try different things until you work out what your dog likes.

  • Uncooked bones
  • Rawhide treats
  • Flavoured rubber bones
  • Kongs and other toys that mentally stimulate
  • If teething, give frozen treats to help with pain

Wear Out Your Dog

The best way to stop a bored dog from chewing its kennel is to wear it out.

Daily exercise, including long walks and playing games together, can tire your dog physically and mentally. Do this before leaving the dog alone for long periods.

Walk your Dog

Training Your Dog Not to Chew

Train your dog not to chew its kennel via positive reinforcement. Praise your dog when it is near or inside the kennel and not chewing.

If you see your dog chew the kennel, tell it ‘no’ firmly.

Once it stops, praise it. Give the dog a toy or bone to chew instead then praise it once it chews the toy or bone.

Always be patient when teaching your dog. If you are having trouble, professional trainers can be brought in to assist.

Chewing Deterrents

You can prevent chewing on certain spots by using bitter sprays. These can be homemade or purchased in pet stores.

Always choose something that is safe for your dog to ingest.

Spot test to make sure the spray won’t damage the wood. Never cover the entire kennel as it can deter your dog from using it completely. It will need to be reapplied regularly.

This method is easy but also the least effective. Some dogs don’t mind the taste or will move to chewing another section of the kennel.

Crate Training

If your dog is chewing because it has separation anxiety, it can help to crate train your pet. This gives them a safe space to go when they are alone.

If you are gone a long time, don’t leave the crate closed – your dog needs to be able to move and use the bathroom.

However, just going into a crate with the door open can help your dog feel safer.

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Have some good tips to stopping dogs chewing? Let us know!