Can Rabbits Live in a Chicken Coop? A Comprehensive Guide

Can rabbits live in a chicken coop

“Can rabbits live in a chicken coop?” This is a question that many rabbit owners ask us when considering housing options for their small animals. As an experienced authority on the matter, we can confidently confirm that there is more to this than meets the eye.

In our comprehensive guide, we will delve into whether it’s feasible for rabbits to live in a chicken house. We’ll explore the key differences between a rabbit hutch and a chicken coop, and what makes each suitable for its respective inhabitant.

We will also discuss the possibility of rabbits and chickens sharing living arrangements, examining the benefits and risks.

Finally, we’ll provide recommendations on some of the best chicken coops that could potentially serve as comfortable homes for your pet rabbits.

So if you’re still wondering “Can rabbits live in a chicken coop?”, read on!

Can Rabbits Live in a Chicken Coop?

If you’re an animal lover considering adding rabbits to your family, you might wonder if they can live in a chicken coop.

The answer is yes!

Most chicken coops work for rabbits too.

Rabbits and chickens have similar housing needs – they are both prey animals that need secure enclosures to protect them from predators and bad weather. They also need space to move and exercise. So, many chicken coops can be a comfy home for your furry friends.

But before you move your pet rabbits in, here are a few things to consider:

  • Ventilation: Keep them healthy with good airflow. Rabbits need fresh air, but no drafts. 
  • Flooring: Unlike chickens, rabbits tend to burrow. They may need wire floors if they are prone to digging out. You don’t want them to escape!
  • Ramps: Some chicken coops have ladders that rabbits won’t be able to hop up. If this is the case, fill in the gaps with plywood to create a solid ramp for your bunnies.

So, using a chicken coop as a rabbit home requires some thought, but it’s definitely doable.

To sum up: Yes, you can use a chicken coop as an outdoor pet enclosure for your bunnies. Just keep their unique needs in mind when setting up their new home.


What’s the Difference Between a Rabbit Hutch and a Chicken Coop?

Both rabbit hutches and chicken coops provide outdoor living spaces for pets, but they have some key differences.

If you’re thinking of using a chicken coop for rabbits, make sure it meets their needs. Some features may need modification.

Nesting Boxes

Chickens use nesting boxes as a private area to lay eggs. 

Small animals like rabbits obviously don’t lay eggs so the nesting boxes in chicken coops are not necessary for your bunnies. 

However, rabbits will often use the nesting boxes as a quiet resting space to sleep or hide away if they feel threatened.

Sleeping Areas

Both animals like secluded, quiet spots to sleep in.

At night time, chickens perch high on roosting poles. So these perches are a feature that comes with all chicken coops.

Rabbits prefer staying closer to the ground and usually sleep in a small, sheltered area.

To prevent unwanted litters, keep male rabbits and female rabbits in separate living arrangements. 


Both chickens and rabbits are able to walk up ramps onto a second or third storey.

Grown rabbits love hopping around, so they enjoy multiple levels connected by ramps. Young animals including baby rabbits may struggle with ramps until they grow bigger.

Some chicken coops feature ladders that they may perch on. Rabbits will not be able to use these.

To ensure a pet enclosure meets standards, consider purchasing from Somerzby – we specialise in outdoor pet enclosures for rabbits and chickens.


Can You House Rabbits and Chickens Together?

If you are raising chickens and rabbits, you might wonder if they can live together. Let’s weigh the pros and cons of keeping chickens and rabbits together in one enclosure.

Advantages of Housing Rabbits and Chickens Together

  • Saves Space: One coop for both animals means the enclosure will take up less space in your backyard.
  • Economical: Why buy two enclosures when you can get away with one?
  • Social Interaction: Your pets might enjoy each other’s company.

Potential Drawbacks of Keeping Them Together

  • Aggression: Rabbits and chickens are fast-moving animals that will struggle to communicate with one another. This can lead to fighting and injuries. Always introduce animals slowly in a neutral environment and supervise them until you are sure they will get along.
  • Different Dietary Needs: Feeding time can be a puzzle, as chickens and rabbits have different food preferences and nutritional requirements. Chicken pellets and rabbit pellets do not contain the same ingredients or nutritional value.
  • Risk of Disease Transmission: Beware of potential diseases passing between them. Chicken droppings can carry diseases that infect rabbits and vice versa.

We have had a few customers tell us their chickens and rabbits were successfully housed together. But we’ve also had rabbit owners report that their rabbits and chickens didn’t get along. It can be quite tricky!

In conclusion, housing rabbits and chickens together is possible, but it requires careful planning and management. Make sure you offer separate feeding areas, prevent injuries and meet their individual needs. Happy cohabitation!


Best Chicken Coops for Rabbits

If you’re pondering housing your bunnies in a chicken coop, make sure to select the proper one. There are some important considerations:

  • Choosing the Right Size: Size matters. Your rabbits need space to hop around. Each rabbit needs a sheltered living space plus a run area.
  • Durability Matters: Get a coop that can handle any weather and keep predators out. Our chicken coops are made from strong and safe materials.
  • Easy Access & Cleaning: Make your life easier with coops that have large doors or slide-out metal trays for easy access and cleaning.
  • Ventilation & Light: Your rabbits need fresh air and natural light. Look for coops with ventilation slots or mesh windows.

At Somerzby, we have several options that meet these criteria:


The Mansion outdoor enclosure is suitable for chickens or rabbits. It provides ample room for multiple bunnies with its double-storey design including a separate hutch area up the ramp for sleeping and a chicken run on the ground level for exercise. Check it out here.


This large coop offers both enclosed areas and a chicken run, making it suitable for either chooks or rabbits. The bunnies can use the nesting boxes as a bonus, cosy sleeping space. Find more details here.


The Homestead is an extra large coop/hutch with a fully covered roof. This gives your rabbits plenty of room to hop around while being protected from the weather. Learn more about this model here.

Whether you’re looking for rabbit hutches or versatile pet enclosures like our popular chicken coops, Somerzby has got something perfect just waiting.



A chicken coop can serve as a comfortable home for rabbits, but it’s important to consider their specific needs. Some modifications may be necessary, such as ensuring proper ventilation, addressing flooring requirements, and providing suitable ramps. 

It’s also crucial to carefully introduce and monitor interactions between rabbits and chickens, to prevent aggression, address different dietary needs and ensure chicken droppings don’t infect rabbits with disease.

By selecting the right size, durable, and well-ventilated chicken coop, such as the options offered by Somerzby, you can create a safe and enjoyable living space for your pet rabbits.