Want A Predator Proof Chicken Coop?

Predator Proof Chicken Coop

Chickens are prey animals and vulnerable to many different predators. One of the most important things backyard chicken keepers can do for their flock is to provide them with a safe coop.

A predator proof enclosure will protect both your chickens and their eggs. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the most common predators, ways to protect your hens, and features that every safe chicken coop needs.

Wondering how to predator proof your chicken coop? Read on to find out…

Poultry Predators

Learning about the most common chicken predators can help you take the necessary steps to keep your hens safe:


Fox often attack for sport and won’t even eat the chickens they kill. Despite popular belief, foxes can be found in both rural and urban areas.


Both domestic and stray cats are a threat to backyard chickens. Their agile nature and sharp claws mean they can kill chickens quickly.


Most neighborhood dogs have a natural instinct to chase chickens. Even if your dog is friendly and means well, he could accidentally kill your hens by playing too rough.


Goannas are a large lizard with very sharp claws. They will eat baby chicks and eggs.

Goannas Are Predators for Chickens

Birds of Prey

Hawks and falcons will hunt baby chicks and bantam breeds from above. Aerial predators commonly attack during daylight hours.


Snakes will enter your coop to eat eggs and any vermin. They may sometimes eat small baby chicks too and can injure humans.


Rats will break into the coop to eat the eggs and your chicken feed. Rats are cause for alarm because they will attract large predators to your coop. Cats, foxes, goannas and other larger predators hunt and eat rats.

How to Protect Chickens from Predators

As a pet owner, you already know that the protection of your beloved chickens is paramount. With all kinds of predators out there looking for an easy meal, it’s important to have multiple strategies in place to protect your flock from harm.

Chicken Coop

If you are considering raising chickens, then you will need a high-quality chicken coop for their safety. A strong coop can help protect your chickens and eggs from predator attacks.

Make sure the coop has strong wire mesh on the sides and is made from a rot-resistant timber. This will ensure the coop is sturdy and cannot be broken into by animal intruders.

Look for features that are designed to prevent predators entering the coop, such as sliding latches on all the doors. A coop with wire mesh flooring will stop burrowing animals, such as rodents and foxes.

Chicken Run

Letting your chickens out of their coop during the day to free range in your yard is a lovely idea. But this could leave your free range chickens exposed to predators! Instead, allow your chickens to roam daily within a secure chicken run.

A quality chicken run will have a timber frame with wire mesh on the sides and roof. The roof on a chicken run is essential for keeping away aerial predators (such as hawks and other birds) and predators who can jump fences (such as cats).

Collect Eggs Daily

A simple daily routine of removing the eggs from their nesting boxes can do wonders in deterring predators away from your chicken coop. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of checking your chickens’ nest boxes every day so that you can collect eggs before any sneaky predators get to them first.

This is especially true because some predators only want to eat the eggs, not your chickens themselves – so collecting the eggs before they become a food source for these animals will decrease the chances of them coming back.

Clear Away Scraps

Leaving chicken feed scattered around the coop will undoubtedly lead to an unwelcome surprise. Not only can the exposed feed attract rats and mice, but these rodents can in turn entice other predators into the coop – including a variety of predatory birds and animals that could put your chickens in danger.

To avoid this catastrophe, regularly tidy up any uneaten scraps and make sure that you feed your flock from a automatic treadle feeder (that rodents cannot access).

Install Motion Sensor Lights

Installing motion sensor lights on your chicken coop can be a great way to deter predators! These lights will automatically detect the presence of any unwelcomed guests and turn on to illuminate the coop overnight.

This sudden burst of light has proven effective in startling nocturnal predators such as cats and deterring them from attempting to enter your chickens’ home. Installing lights can be very simple and inexpensive.

Features of a Predator-Proof Chicken Coop

A properly designed and constructed chicken coop keeps predators like rodents, cats and snakes out for good. But not all chicken coops on the market today are secure. When shopping for a new chicken coop, make sure it features these predator proof features:

Strong Wire Mesh

If you’re looking for the best way to keep your poultry safe, buying a coop with strong chicken wire on the sides should be at the top of your list. Make sure the chicken wire mesh is galvanised so that it won’t rust.

If chicken wire rusts, it will not be strong and predators may be able to break through it. The holes in the chicken wire mesh should be 11mm x 11mm or smaller, to prevent smaller predators getting through and to keep your chickens safe.

Bungalow wire mesh

Wire Floor

A great way to ensure maximum protection for your chickens is to choose a coop with a wire mesh floor. If you are placing your hen house on grass or dirt, a wire mesh coop floor will prevent digging predators such as foxes and dogs.

It can also stop snakes from slithering in underneath. If your coop does not have wire mesh flooring, many chicken keepers will stop digging predators by building the coop onto a solid floor (such as concrete pavers).

Sliding Latches

Buying a chicken coop with sliding latches on all the doors is a smart choice when it comes to keeping your chickens secure. The protection that these latches provide is second to none.

They can only be opened by humans with opposable thumbs and are simply too difficult for ground predators to operate. They also do not open from being bumped or jostled around.

Raised Roosting Area

Buying a chicken coop with a raised roosting area is a great way to maximize the lifespan of your coop and protect your chickens. This setup helps keep the bottom level of the coop dry, thus preventing rotting timber. This is essential for protection as rotten timber is easier for a hungry predator to break into.

Deluxe Mansion – the Ultimate Predator Proof Chicken Coop

Protect your feathered friends from predators with the Deluxe Mansion chicken coop – our safest chicken coop ever! This modern coop isn’t just stylish; it also features top of the line security features to make sure your chickens are always safe and sound.

Unlike many other chicken coops on the market, the Deluxe Mansion has a wire mesh floor to prevent predators digging in and snakes slithering in underneath. It also features stainless steel fly screen on all the side panels to keep out pesky flies and mosquitoes.

In addition to these stand out safety features, Deluxe Mansion also features the same predator-proof features that all Somerzby chicken coops come with: Strong wire mesh on the sides, sliding latches, rot resistant timber and a raised sleeping area.

This means that the Deluxe Mansion is the easiest way to help your flock feel secure and give you peace of mind.