Best Training Treats for Puppies

Best Training Treats for Puppies

Training your puppy can be an exciting journey for any pet owner. Finding the best training treat can be a tricky task.

You want tasty treats to engage their attention but to also ensure they are naturally packed with wholesome ingredients to fuel your puppies development.

With so many options available, it can be hard to pick the best training treats for your new puppy.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Keep reading to learn about all of our top choices, from crunchy biscuits full of nutritious ingredients, to freeze dried treats packed with flavour.

When picking treats you should consider the nutritional value

Can I Give my 8 week old Puppy Training Treats?

At 8 weeks old, you can certainly give your treats to your puppy, however you will need to ensure they are suitable.

When picking treats you should consider the nutritional value. At 8 weeks old puppies are still growing and developing and require many essential nutrients such as protein and fatty acids to aid this development.

Some treats can be too rich for their sensitive tummies and many contain unhealthy fillers.

You should choose small treats with a soft texture to accommodate their small teeth. Dog treats that are too hard can cause damage to their little puppy teeth.

When determining portion sizes, take into account that puppies require significantly fewer calories than adult dogs due to their smaller size. Offer puppy treats relatively sparingly in order for them to not lose interest in mealtimes!

Puppies are usually ready to start training sessions at 8 weeks old, so now is a great time to introduce them to puppy training treats.

Ready to start training sessions at 8 weeks old

What Treats are Best for Puppy Training?

Training treats are the strongest tool you have when it comes to training your puppy into an obedient and well behaved dog.

So what’s the best treat? When it comes to training treats it is important to make sure you select treats that are both healthy and suitable for your dog.

Look for training treats that are specially formulated for puppies, as these will have the proper nutrition levels needed for your puppy’s growth and development.

Dog treats like beef liver can be broken down into smaller pieces (just don’t let your dog know!). These will be easier for their little mouths as well as limiting excess calories.

Human food such as blueberries, cheese, small pieces of carrot or sliced apple can also be used as puppy training treats.

Avoid any treats that have are hard or have a chewy texture as these will take them too long to chew and distract them from the training task.

All puppies are different and develop their individual preferences for treats. Through trialing different training treats, you can determine your dogs favourite treats and make these the target of your training sessions.

What Treats are Safe for Puppies

What Treats are Safe for Puppies?

It is hard to resist spoiling a cute puppy with treats, but it is important to ensure their safety!

When it comes to dog treats, puppies should be given natural, safe options that are easy to digest. These treats should not contain any artificial colours, flavors or preservatives.

Beef liver treats can be a great option for puppies as they are full of real meat flavour and have a high protein content.

Some dogs may be sensitive to grains or gluten and may benefit from grain free and gluten free options. There are many options on todays market specifically formulated for certain allergies.

Some human foods are toxic to dogs and should be avoided. These include chocolate, macadamia nuts, mushrooms, onions, grapes and sultanas.

Soft treats are also great for puppies because they are generally easier to chew with their small teeth. When selecting soft treats for puppies it is important to read the ingredients label, making sure there are no added sugars or fillers that have little or no nutritional value.

Stay away from treats made from rawhide as these are hard for dogs to digest and can cause fatal intestinal blockages.

What are the Healthiest Puppy Treats

What are the Healthiest Puppy Treats?

Picking a healthy treat can be quite a challenge, but it is important to ensure that you provide your puppy with quality ingredients and nutritious benefits.

There are many healthy dog treats available online that are designed to provide a variety of benefits to your dog’s diet.

Look for all natural ingredients like real meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, and grains such as brown rice and barley that provide healthy sources of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Avoid dog treats that contain, artificial preservatives or other unhealthy ingredients as these can lead to health problems later in life. Pick treats that contain natural preservatives such as mixed tocopherols- a healthy preservative made from vitamin E compounds.

Minimally processed dog treats such as dried liver treats, pigs ears and air dried kangaroo tail are some of the best treats for puppies.

Some people choose to make their own healthy treats at home to ensure they contain only the freshest and most natural ingredients.

Natural low calorie treats including carrot sticks, watermelon and green beans are a popular choice among many dog owners due to their nutritional value and lack of preservatives.

When selecting treats for puppies, it’s important to read labels carefully to check that they are low in fat and contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Healthy treats can provide additional nutrients to your dogs diet as well as giving them the energy they need to stay active and full of life throughout the day.

What Do Professional Dog Trainers Use for Treats

What Do Professional Dog Trainers Use for Treats?

Professional dog trainers use a variety of treats to reward dogs for desired behaviors and progress in training.

Treats should be small and bite sized so they are easy for the dog to quickly consume and the reward can be instantly associated with the behavior being reinforced.

Many different types of dog training treats are used. These include all natural treats like beef liver, pieces of meat, cheese, as well as store bought kibble or special commercially produced treats designed for training purposes.

The type of dog treat chosen will depend on what motivates the individual dog. Some prefer meaty flavors while others may enjoy the crunchier texture of kibble or other dry treats.

Professionals often choose to vary the types of dog treats they use in order to maintain their dog’s interest and motivation throughout the training process.

How Do Dental Dog Treats Work

How Do Dental Dog Treats Work?

Taking care of your puppy’s teeth is an important part of their health and wellbeing and dog dental chews are a great way to help keep their pearly whites in tip top shape!

But how exactly do dental chews work?

The texture of a dental treat acts like a gentle scrubbing brush for puppy gums and teeth, grinding away bacteria and limiting tartar buildup as the puppy chews, allowing for better dental health without requiring any brushing or scrubbing from you.

While brushing is still the best way to maintain good oral hygiene for your dog’s teeth, using dog dental treats can provide an extra layer of protection against harmful buildup in between visits to the vet.

Just like human babies, puppies go through a stage of teething where their teeth and gums can become sore and irritated. Treats that help aid in soothing their pain will not only ease your puppies discomfort, they will also keep your dog occupied and save your shoes and furniture from become a teething toy!

To prevent teeth breakages, it is important to only purchase dental treats that are specifically for puppies as they will be suitable for their developing teeth.

What Are the Best Dog Treats in Australia

What Are the Best Dog Treats in Australia?

Many cheap dog treats found in supermarkets and department stores are imported from overseas and may contain toxic ingredients.

You can find many quality Australian brands available to purchase online including:

  • Prime100
  • Doggie Balm
  • Freeze Dry Australia.

Reputable brands will list out all the ingredients on the package so you can easily check them against any special dietary restrictions your pet may have.

When shopping for the best dog treats in Australia, look for those that are made with high quality ingredients, are naturally preserved and provide nutritional benefits your dog.

Prime100 offers a range of tasty single protein treats, such as their chicken breast bites and lamb liver that contain no cheap fillers. These are great for dogs with food sensitivities.


Prime100 offers a range of tasty single protein treats, such as their chicken breast bites and lamb liver that contain no cheap fillers. These are great for dogs with food sensitivities.

Prime100 offers a range of tasty single protein treats

Doggie Balm

Doggie Balm provides a wide selection of wholesome treats for dogs, specifically designed to help with certain health requirements. Their range includes 100% shark cartilage for dental benefits, biscuits to help your dogs skin and coat as well as puppy chews.

Doggie Balm provides a wide selection of wholesome treats for dogs

Freeze Dry Australia

Freeze Dry Australia has an extensive range of freeze dried treats, from green lipped mussels to kangaroo liver, which keep all the natural flavour and nutrients without the need for artificial preservatives. Their entire range of products are Australian made using fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers.

Freeze Dry Australia has an extensive range of freeze dried treats

Not only do these tasty treats make for a healthy addition to your dog’s diet but they also make great training treats or even just occasional snacks!