Prime100 manufacture treats for dogs and cats. They focus on offering hypoallergenic treats that are single protein and will not upset sensitive tummies. Prime100 products are all made in Australia.

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Prime100 was founded over a decade ago by pet parents who were struggling with food allergies.

There was very little on the market at the time to assist dogs suffering with certain allergies - dog food was almost all mixed protein and full of cheap fillers.

This would cause uncomfortable and itchy reactions for dogs. Owners would then be forced to seek veterinary advice and pay costly vet bills.

Vets would usually recommend time consuming elimination diets, long term medications or costly allergy tests - which are not always conclusive. How stressful!

Prime100 used their food expertise to develop treats that are low allergen and will help overcome these issues. Their products contain minimal ingredients and are single protein.

Single Protein Diet

For a dog with food allergies or a sensitive stomach, a Single Protein Diet can be incredibly beneficial.

Unlike traditional dog diets which contain many mixed ingredients, a Single Protein Diet contains just one type of protein like chicken or lamb.

This offers several benefits for your pup; the lack of multiple foods reduces the risk of triggering an allergic reaction, it’s easier to identify the source of a potential sensitivity and the diet won’t alter too drastically from meal to meal.

These features are especially beneficial for managing long-term needs like food allergies or digestive issues.

Ultimately, a Single Protein Diet is a great option for any pup struggling with these kinds of ailments and can help them live their best life!


Prime100 is all about using only the best ingredients to bring you nutritious and delicious products your pet will love. All proteins are human grade, premium cuts of meat so you're sure to be getting your money's worth.

Their treats have minimal ingredients and are free from bone, offal or cheap fillers - this helps reduce digestion problems.

Prime100 takes pride in being an Australian owned business with all the products being made Down Under.

Dog Treats

Prime100's SPT Treats range are specifically designed for adult dogs.

All treats in the SPT Treats range use a single protein source. This means they are ideal for dogs with food allergies, sensitive stomachs, or dogs restricted to a single protein diet.

SPT Treats range includes 5 popular flavours:

  • Kangaroo
  • Duck
  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Turkey

Cat Treats

Prime100's SPT Nibbles range is designed for cats.

SPT Nibbles treats all contain a single meat protein. If your cat has suspected food sensitivities or a food intolerance, a single protein diet can help minimise symptoms.

The SPT Nibbles range includes 4 tasty flavours:

  • Kangaroo
  • Duck
  • Chicken
  • Salmon