Hemp Bedding for Chicken Coops

Hemp is a form of animal bedding that is booming in popularity

Chicken coop bedding (or ‘litter’) is placed on the bottom of your chicken coop and nesting boxes. There are many different bedding material options, all with their own pros and cons.

There is no right or wrong choice. Consider which suits you and your chickens best. Whichever bedding material you choose, it will need to be changed regularly. You know it needs changing whenever it starts to smell bad.

What Can Rabbits Eat, What You Should and Should Not Feed Your Rabbit

What Can Rabbits Eat

It is important to know what foods your rabbit can and can’t eat. Your pets rely on you to provide them with nutritious food and to keep them healthy. When most people imagine a rabbit eating, they image it enjoying fresh vegetables. It is a common belief that pet rabbits can live off a diet made up of salad.