Going on holidays when you have a pet

take pets on holidays

Going on holidays when you have pets

We all love a holiday, but what do you do with your beloved furry family member? Depending on your destination, accommodation and if it will be safe for your pet, Do you take them with you? Or leave them behind with a carer or in a boarding kennel? Picking a holiday destination can be a tough choice, and so is deciding what to do with your pet! Here’s are our tips from the Somerzby team that may help you decide:

Up to date

Before heading off on holiday, make sure your pet’s microchip information is up to date. If you haven’t had your pet micro chipped – get this done along with any vaccinations. This will help protect them and also if they wonder off, that handy micro chip will help let the vet or council know who owns them.

To holiday or not to holiday

When deciding if you should take your pet away with you there are a few things to consider first;

Accommodation Is it pet friendly? Ensure before you leave that your accommodation allows pets, you don’t want to wait till you get there to find out they don’t.

Safety If you have a dog, cat or small animal, is there a fenced yard or grassed area for them to have a playpen? Make sure there is adequate room for your pet and that it’s safe for them.

Destination Is it safe for your pet? Are there walking trails or activities for you to do with them? There is no point taking your pet with you if you can’t include them in your holiday activities. Look into the area and see what’s around before booking or taking your pet with you.

Travelling How long will it take you to get to your destination? – Keep in mind, you will need to make frequent stops to let your pet go to the toilet and also exercise.

Does your pet travel well? If your pet get anxious in the car or away from home, it’s best to leave them at home with someone. Travelling in a car can stress some pets out and you also need to make sure they are safe when travelling. Ensure your pet is either in a crate, or ensure your pet is in a seatbelt harness.

dog crate training
The Somerzby pet crates are perfect for
transporting your pet when going on holidays

Our Somerzby pet crates are great for travel and will also provide a sleep area for your pet while on holidays.

Friendly – Is your pet friendly and do they get along well with others? You need to consider if your pet is good at interacting with other pets/animals and isn’t aggressive around them or other people. Children can be unpredictable and some pets can become aggressive or frightened by sudden movements.

Leaving your pet at Home whilst on holidays

Pet sitters, boarding kennels and pet spas or resorts- these are just a few of the choices you have if you leave your pet behind. When choosing one think about your pet and their needs and how they may feel and get along with other pets/animals.

Pet sitters or a family member is a great choice if your pet doesn’t cope well with a big change, travelling in car, or doesn’t get along with other pets/animals. Make sure the person who is taking care of them understands your pets needs and are able to play with them and walk them if needed.

Make sure you leave any emergency contacts for them, including your vet’s phone number. Your pet’s routine- this will help your pet feel more relaxed around whoever is taking care of them. Leave any leashes or collars out in the open so they are easy for your pet sitter/carer to find.

Dietary requirements leave food in a visible and easy to reach spot for your pet’s carer, include any special dietary requirements that your pet might have or list foods that they are not allowed to eat.

It’s also handy to have treats available for the carer to give your pet. This way they can reward your pet while you’re away and this can also help your pet feel more at ease. If it’s possible, have your pet sitter come to your home before you leave so you can show them where everything is and your pet can meet them and get used to their scent.

Boarding kennels or pet spas are another great way for your pet to be looked after; this is great for a mini holiday for your pet too.

Make sure you visit the kennels or spas before leaving your pet there and ensure that your pet will receive enough exercise and the facilities are clean, tidy and safe.

dog on holiday

If you choose to take your pet with you on holidays
remember to plan for rest breaks and pet safety

Taking your pet on holidays with you

You checked the accommodation and the area is pet friendly, so you and your pet are ready for your holiday!

Try to make your pet as comfortable as possible while travelling, this will help to reduce any anxiety or stress they may have. Take any bedding that they have with you, along with their drink and food bowls.

When travelling, make sure that your pet is safe – they should be either in a crate or strapped in with a car seat harness. If you are travelling with your pet in a crate make sure there are no heavy or loose items that can fly around and injure or harm your pet. Put a clip on water bottle in the crate for your pet. Our crates at Somerzby are great for travelling with as they are collapsible and easy to use Click Here to see the range. These crates can also be used as bed/kennel for your pet while on holidays.

Don’t forget to stop for breaks so your pet can relieve themselves, have a drink, some food and stretch their legs.

When you arrive at your destination, explore the area and accommodation together. Never leave your pet alone in a strange environment. Make sure your pet is secure; check all gates and fences at your accommodation.

Consider using a playpen, playpens are a great way to help keep your pet safe and to help you keep an eye on them. Our Somerzby playpens are easy to transport as they are collapsible and come with or without covers. Click here to see the range.

Once you and your pet have settled and unpacked – it’s time to relax or head to the beach……don’t forget the sunscreen.



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