What is the Best Type of Hutch for a Rabbit?

Somerzby Outdoor Rabbit Hutches

Once you have decided to welcome a rabbit into your family, you will then need to buy a rabbit hutch.

You want the best rabbit hutch for your furry friend but choosing one can be a bit overwhelming.

Rabbit owners often ask us – what is the best indoor rabbit hutch? What is the best outdoor rabbit hutch?

Check out our guide to choosing the best rabbit hutch below.

How Do I Choose a Rabbit Hutch?

There are so many different types of rabbit hutch on the market. It can be hard to know where to start!

When first choosing a rabbit cage, pet parents need to sit down and consider what features they need.

The rabbit hutch that is perfect for your situation is not necessarily the best one for the next person.

The first thing to consider is if your pet will be living in an outdoor or indoor hutch.

Domestic rabbits and guinea pigs can live in either and it is up to you where you want the hutch to be in your home.

The next thing is to think about is size. What breed are you getting? A Mini Lop can live in a smaller hutch while larger rabbits (such as the Flemish Giant) will need a much bigger rabbit cage.

Are you going to have more than one rabbit? Make sure you have enough space for all your bunnies. The more rabbits you have, the more space you will need.

Also think about what style you want. Do you want a deluxe rabbit home with all the extra features or do you want a more basic hutch?

Once you have answered these questions, you will have a good outline of what you need.

What Should I Look For in a Bunny Hutch?

Not all hutches are created equal. When buying a rabbit hutch, rabbit owners need to look closely at what features are included.

The best rabbit hutches will have the following features:

Made from Safe Materials

Just because a hutch is advertised as being for rabbits, does not necessarily mean it is safe. Always check to make sure it is made from non toxic materials.

Somerzby hutches are made from Chinese Fir timber coated in non toxic water based stain. These materials are safe for your rabbits to chew on.

Somerzby Rabbit Hutches

All Somerzby Rabbit hutches are made from non toxic and safe materials

Durable Construction

Choose a rabbit hutch made from long lasting materials. You want the rabbit hutch to last the life time of your bunny!

Somerzby hutches are made from solid Fir wood. Fir wood lasts well outdoors because it is naturally resistant to rot without the need for harsh chemical treatments.

The roof is made from durable asphalt sheeting, making the hutch completely waterproof.

Easy Access

Check to make sure the hutch has easy access features. Accessibility is important for easy cleaning.

It also makes it easier to reach in and get your rabbit out or to change the hay feeder and water.

Choose a hutch with two doors or three doors that open up wide. A hinged roof or hinged lid will also make it easy to reach in.

Pull Out Tray

The enclosed section of your rabbit hutch should have a pull out tray for easy cleaning.

You will need to put absorbent bedding material (such as wood shavings) on top of the tray.

When it comes time for cleaning, simply slide out the removable tray and tip off the bedding into your compost bin.

The easier cleaning is, the more often you will do it and the happier your pet rabbit will be.

Safe from Predators

It is your responsibility to keep your furry friend safe. Choose a hutch that will protect your pet rabbit from predators.

Somerzby hutches have strong wire mesh on the sides that will keep out foxes, cats, rats and snakes.

Also think about what is on the base of the hutch. The Somerzby Deluxe Cottage has wire mesh on the base too so predators cannot dig their way in underneath.

Somerzby Deluxe Cottage

With premium materials and wire mesh on base, the Somerzby Deluxe Cottage is extremely safe option for your bunnies

Indoor Rabbit Hutch

Many customers tell us they prefer to keep their bunny in an indoor rabbit hutch because it keeps their pet closer to them and helps their rabbit feel like a member of the family.

Many indoor rabbit owners will train their pet to use a litter box and then let them hop around their house for exercise.

If you are letting your rabbit out of its hutch often, you do not need a large enclosure.

The best indoor rabbit hutch will have a tray on the base level. This means your rabbit isn’t sitting directly on your flooring.

Removable trays also make cleaning easy – simply pull out the tray and tip the dirty bedding out into the rubbish bin.

Our best indoor rabbit hutch is the Somerzby Deluxe Double. It’s compact size makes it perfect for placing it indoors or on an outdoor deck.

Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Most owners will house their bunny is an outdoor rabbit hutch.

Outdoor hutches are specifically designed for outdoor use and made from durable materials.

They are constructed with anti corrosion wood (such as Chinese Fir wood) and coated in non toxic waterproof paint or stain.

Choose an outdoor rabbit hutch made from timber, not metal. Metal will get too hot in Summer and may lead to heat stroke for your pet rabbit.

Unlike a typical indoor rabbit hutch, outdoor rabbit hutches are open to the ground. This allows your rabbit to access and eat the grass below.

Outdoor hutches are typically made up of two different sections – an enclosed space where your rabbit can hide away (the ‘house’) and a wire extension living space where your rabbit can exercise (the ‘run’).

You may be able to use a chicken coop as an outdoor rabbit hutch. Remove any perches.

Large Rabbit Run by Somerzby

The More Room The Better

If the chicken coop comes with a nesting box, this is just extra room inside for your bunny to move around or sit.

Are Multi Level Cages Good for Rabbits?

A rabbit house with multiple storeys will allow your bunny plenty of extra space without taking up more of your backyard or house.

This is especially beneficial if you have more than one bunny.

A multi level hutch gives your rabbits extra living space to exercise and stretch out without getting in each other’s way. This means they are less likely to fight with one another.

A multi level hutch will have a wooden ramp connecting the levels. If your rabbit has never used a ramp before, it may be a little hesitant at first.

Put some of your rabbit’s favourite treats on the ramp to lure it up. After that, most rabbits have no hesitation in running up and down their ramp.

What Do You Put in the Bottom of a Pet Rabbit Cage?

Your rabbit hutch should have a removable tray for easy cleaning.

The slide out tray is typically made from metal and will rust if your rabbit goes to the toilet directly on it all the time.

We recommend lining the removable tray with one layer of newspaper then a second layer of absorbent, disposable bedding such as wood shavings or shredded paper. This will effectively absorb your rabbit’s mess.

Avoid using clay kitty litter as this can be harmful for your rabbit if it chews on it.

Even if your rabbit is litter trained, it is still important to line the rabbit hutch tray with absorbent bedding.

No litter trained rabbit is perfect so this will absorb any accidents.