Somerzby Enclosures featured on Bupa’s Best Pet Product List

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We are delighted that our customised cat enclosures have made top two in a world-renowned pet insurance company’s list of top products. Bupa’s recent article, ‘2016 Best Pet Products’, catalogues items from some of Australia’s most innovative animal brands, grouping them by fashion, accessories, enclosures and eco-products.

Recognising the pet industry’s increasing demand for stylish beds and enclosures that don’t have to be hidden out of sight, Bupa praised us for the departure from “tatty old mats emblazoned in ugly cartoons”. We believe your pet’s environment should be incorporated into yours and we are constantly innovating and staying ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge designs.


The design of our enclosures ensure your cat’s safety always comes first and foremost, even when you’re away from home. Our large cages and runs are ideal for when you go on holiday. Simply pop your kitty in your brand-new outdoor enclosure and ask a neighbour or friend to feed and check in while you’re gone. Not only does this avoid returning from your break to find scratches all over the furniture, it also means there’s no need to shell out on expensive cat-sitting services.

“Somerzby’s wide range of range of cat enclosures cater for all shapes, sizes and dispositions,” reads the article, “and come in especially handy for those times when cat sitters are required.”

Evidence shows that cats who are kept indoors, or away from other potentially problematic animals, live much longer than those that are allowed to roam anywhere they like. But if your kitty prefers to roam freely outdoors while you’re a work or by night, you can still keep predators at bay with one of our enclosures, providing you with peace of mind and your cat with the freedom they love.

And as if that’s not enough, we’ve also got excellent-quality solutions for chickensrabbitsdogs, and guinea pigs in stock too. Keep your pet safe and happy with one of our innovative enclosures, featured on Bupa’s 2016 Best Pet Products.

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