How to Keep an Outdoor Cat Warm in Winter

How to Keep an Outdoor Cat Warm

As temperatures drop and the cold months set in, it is natural for cat owners to wonder how to keep an outdoor cat warm in winter.

In this blog, we will explore how outdoor cat shelters and cosy bedding can help cats stay warm. We’ll also advise on the importance of owners monitoring their cat’s temperature and providing warm meals.

Provide Shelter

Your outdoor cat needs a warm, dry shelter to stay comfortable during the winter months. It is a cosy place they can retreat and curl up! A well-insulated enclosure can help trap cats body heat. We recommend purchasing a timber enclosure, as wood is a natural insulator. 

Remember that ground absorbs body heat faster than air does so raising the enclosure off the ground helps conserve heat.

Warm Enclosures

This is where Somerzby’s range of high-quality cat shelters comes in handy. Looking for something warm? We recommend:

Heidi Cat House

Heidi is a naturally insulated cat shelter, featuring 3 levels inside the enclosed section. This allows cats to jump up high and avoid the cold ground, conserving your cats body heat naturally and helping them stay warm.

Cabana Cat Enclosure

The Cabana is a raised cat house without a run area, perfect if you want to provide a warm place but still want to allow your cat to roam free during the day. 

Animal shelters regularly set up similar houses for community cats, stray cats or feral cats to help them survive the cold months.

Homestead Cat Enclosure

The Homestead is a large, naturally insulated cat shelter, offering both a warm enclosed sleeping area and a large undercover run area.

If your cat prefers to spend time outdoors, the Homestead is perfect for keeping your cat warm.

Homestead Cat Enclosure

Finding an Ideal Location for Your Cat Enclosure

Selecting the ideal location for placing your cat’s enclosure plays a significant role in keeping them warm. The strategic placement of the shelter can make a significant difference. 

Placing the enclosure close to your house or trees can shield it from cold gusts, acting as a natural windbreaker. Additionally, the canopy of a tree provides an extra layer of protection against rain, preventing the enclosure from becoming damp and cold. 

It’s essential you ensure nearby trees are sturdy and free from any branches that might pose a hazard to your cat. It’s essential you ensure nearby trees are sturdy and free from any branches that might pose a hazard to your cat. 

How to Keep an Outdoor Cat Warm in Winter: 
When it comes to keeping your outdoor cats warm in winter, providing a warm and dry shelter is crucial. Somerzby’s high-quality cat enclosures are perfect for this – we recommend Heidi, Cabana or Homestead.

Provide Warm Bedding

As pet owners, we recognise the necessity of keeping our beloved cats cosy on chilly winter evenings. One effective way to do this is by providing warm bedding inside their enclosure.

Importance of Warm Bedding

A good quality bed can make a significant difference in helping outdoor cats maintain their body heat during those extremely cold winter nights. Cats’ differing personalities mean some prefer soft blankets while others enjoy curling up on old towels.

Either way, these materials serve as excellent insulators that trap body heat. Somerzby offers an array of high-quality cat beds designed with warmth and comfort in mind.

Calming Bed

The Large Calming Bed is super cosy, perfect for helping cats stay warm inside an outdoor enclosure during cold weather. It is also helpful for calming anxious cats. Plus it’s machine washable!

Nala Faux Fur Cat Bed

The Nala Faux Fur Cat Bed is suitable for lining the base of your outdoor cat enclosure. It’s durable, comfortable and has a non-slip base.

Vienna Cat Bed

The Vienna Cat Bed is extra padded, keeping your cat off the cold floor and preserving body heat. It is made from super soft synthetic fleece, ensuring it will be your cat’s new favourite warm place.


Adding heating elements like heat pads can help outdoor cats make it through harsh winters comfortably. Microwavable heat pads specifically designed for pets are ideal. These can be purchased at pet stores or online. 

If using an electric heat pad instead, ensure it is designed specifically for pets in enclosures and that electrical cords are tucked away to avoid chewing.

Check to make sure your enclosure is suitable for housing heating pads and does not have a metal floor that could overheat. Also, ensure you follow the heat pad manufacturer’s instructions and regularly check them for any signs of wear or damage.

Winter Weather Tips: 
Keep your outdoor cat warm in winter by providing warm bedding inside its enclosure. Somerzby offers several styles of comfy cat beds. Alternatively, you could use blankets, old towels, or heat pads specifically designed for pets.

Monitor Temperature

When it comes to ensuring the comfort and well-being of your outdoor cat during winter, you must monitor the temperature inside their cat enclosure.

Just like us, cats can be sensitive to temperature changes, and extreme cold can pose health risks for them. 

Regularly checking the temperature inside the shelter allows you to make necessary adjustments to maintain a warm and cosy environment, such as adding extra bedding or a heating pad.

Installing a thermometer or using smart temperature-monitoring devices helps you can keep a closer eye on the conditions within the enclosure. Regularly check the shelter for any damage or leaks and make necessary repairs.

Offer Warm Food & Water

Offering warm food and water to outdoor cats during winter is essential for their well-being. Providing cats with warm meals can help them stay warm and combat the cold weather. 

The warmth from the meal not only provides immediate comfort but also aids digestion which generates additional internal body heat. This concept works similarly to how consuming hot soup or tea helps us feel warmer on chilly days.

Additionally, feeding your cats extra food during winter months can help by supplying extra calories to maintain their body temperature. Remember always consult your vet if unsure about dietary changes.

Avoiding Frozen Drinking Bowls

To guard their food and water from when temperatures drop, set up a cat feeding station in a sheltered spot.

If you’re in a snowy area with freezing temperatures, make sure to use insulated bowls or heated water bowls to prevent the food and water from freezing.

Purchase heated pet dishes designed specifically for this purpose from pet stores (ensure any cords are safely hidden away).

Toni’s Wrap

As winter approaches, keeping your outdoor cats warm becomes a top priority. In this blog, we’ve explored the importance of providing a cosy shelter for your feline friend.

Our range of high-quality cat enclosures is perfect for creating a warm haven for your cats during cold temperatures. Additionally, offering warm and comfortable bedding ensures your cat stays snug and content inside their enclosure.

Implementing heating elements, such as pet-specific heat pads, can also provide extra warmth when needed.

Equally important is regularly monitoring the enclosure’s temperature, which helps you make adjustments to maintain a cosy environment. 

Finally, providing warm meals and preventing frozen drinking bowls ensure your cat receives the necessary nourishment to stay healthy and comfortable throughout the winter season. 

By following these tips, you’ll create a winter retreat that your beloved outdoor cat will adore, allowing them to embrace the beauty of cold winter nights by spending time outdoors while staying safe and warm within their Somerzby cat enclosure.