Choosing the Best Fluffy Donut Dog Bed for your Dog

Choosing the Best Fluffy Donut Dog Bed for your Dog

Fluffy donut dog beds are a cosy style of dog bedding. They allow dogs to sleep in their natural curled-up position and help anxious dogs feel at ease.

In this blog, we uncover the benefits of fluffy donut dog beds, maintenance tips, and review the Somerzby Calming Dog Bed.

Benefits of Fluffy Donut Dog Beds

A fluffy donut bed is like a warm hug for your furry mate, offering them a snuggly spot to curl up and rest.

These beds are designed with raised edges, creating a circular ‘donut’ shape that not only supports your pup’s head and neck but also provides a sense of security.

This secure feeling can be especially comforting for dogs who might feel anxious or stressed.

The soft material used in Somerzby’s Calming Dog Beds, resembling plush fur, mimics the cosy warmth of lying next to another pack member and promotes deeper sleep.

Somerzby’s Calming Dog Beds

If you’re in the market for a dog bed that combines comfort, style, and durability, then you’ll want to give Somerzby’s fluffy donut beds a closer look.

Also known as Calming Dog Beds, these plush havens are crafted with care to provide your furry mate with the ultimate snooze spot.

The first thing that grabs your attention is the shaggy faux fur outer. Soft as a cloud, it’s just what every pup needs for a relaxing night’s sleep. 

The raised rim is 25cm tall and full of comfy padding, making it perfect for dogs to rest their head or feel protected when they need to retreat.

Somerzby’s Calming Dog Beds

Understanding Your Dog’s Sleep Needs

Dogs, much like humans, have sleep requirements that are essential for their health and well-being.

A fluffy donut dog bed from Somerzby can be a game-changer in meeting these needs. It provides not only comfort but also security—mimicking the snuggle of a pack to ease anxiety.

A proper sleeping environment is crucial because dogs experience different stages of sleep including REM, where dreaming occurs.

Without this deep rest, they may feel stressed or agitated. Considering most adult dogs need a minimum of 12 hours of sleep per day, a comfy spot is key.

Care and Maintenance Tips

Shake out the bed daily to dislodge any dirt or hair. 

Washing your Somerzby Calming Dog Bed is easy. The whole bed can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

Afterwards, air dry on a flat surface and then fluff back up into shape. 

If you buy a bed from somewhere else, beware that it may have a removable cover that is the only part you can wash or it may require the whole thing to be handwashed.

Care and Maintenance Tips

Comparing Fluffy Donut Dog Beds with Traditional Dog Beds

When it comes to your dog’s rest, the difference between a fluffy donut dog bed and a traditional one can be night and day. 

Imagine curling up in a plush cocoon that contours to every curve versus lying on a flat mat.

That’s what our four-legged friends experience when they plop down into Somerzby’s Calming Dog Beds. They’re like an embrace for anxious pups who need extra comfort.

Toni’s Wrap

A fluffy donut dog bed provides a protected, comfortable place for your dog to rest.

This minimises anxiety and helps them get quality sleep, improving overall health and well-being.

Somerzby Calming Dog Beds are soft, comfortable and easy to wash. My dogs have one at home and they absolutely love it!

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