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Flat Pack Chicken Coops, Cages, Enclosures & Runs

Flat Pack Chicken Coops, Cages and Runs

How often have you purchased something from an online retailer only to find your eagerly awaited delivery has been damaged in transit, is missing some essential part or is the wrong model, colour or product or maybe it doesn’t turn up at all?

It’s not only annoying and frustrating but it can be a costly process trying to get your money back.

The online retail experience shouldn’t be like this.

At Somerzby we believe the customer experience should be a smooth and seamless transition every step of the way from finding the product you need or the information you need to choose the right product all the way through the ordering /payment stage to the successful and prompt delivery of you parcel.

We pride ourselves on our product quality and we put that same effort into ensuring those unseen processes work equally well too including:

• Warehousing—safe storage of products
• Stock take—ensuring we always have stock on hand
• Product development—we want to make sure that our products keep on getting better and better
• Packaging and freight—mistakes in shipping, lost or careless handling of parcels are bad for our business so we go out of our way to avoid them

Here are just some of the steps we take to make sure your Somerzby online experience is a breeze.

We deliver super fast


Many of our competitors order in stock as they need it. This can lead to frustrating delays for the customer.

The Somerzby warehouse is enormous—this means that we have sufficient quantities of at least 90% of our product range at all times.

We have a further 9 shipping containers of additional stock just outside the warehouse.

So when you order a Somerzby product you know it will be packed and delivered to you promptly—no unnecessary delays, no excuses.

Our warehouse is designed so that all products are stored off the floor and are kept free from moisture or damaging temperature extremes.

All our chicken coops are packaged as flat packs, as this is the safest and easiest way to store and transport your chicken coop.

When we receive your order we simply take out the appropriate pack from the aisles, add your delivery details and it’s on its way.

Our warehouse aisles are large and spacious enough to allow easy safe manoeuvring of forklifts.

This reduces the possibility of your chicken coop being damaged in the warehouse.

Always plenty of stock for our most popular products

Stock In Store – Always

We store plenty of stock for our popular products and our software systems let us know when we need to order more.

Plus our spacious warehouse allows us to see at a glance when stock levels are getting low…

…just one more level of support and backup that underpins our modern high performance ordering and delivery processes.

Some of our competitors do what is known as a ‘drop-ship’.

This means they only order stock in from a warehouse somewhere else in the country (or planet) when they receive your order.

They have no control over the sometimes lengthy delays that come with this practice.

We think this practice should be called ‘drop-shopper’ because it dumps you in a frustrating situation of not knowing when your package will come.

At Somerzby we don’t believe in treating our valued customers like this.

We would rather stock an oversupply and be able to ensure our customer promptly gets what they have ordered and paid for.

It’s just part of the Somerzby service you can expect.

Solid packaging protection

Packaging and Freight

Your chicken coop or pet run comes as a convenient flat pack.

Some of the larger products might arrive up to seven flat packs but all the flat packs are designed to minimise size for reducing freight costs.

Another advantage of the flat pack system is that each item in the pack is carefully arranged to provide the greatest protection against damage either in storage or transit.

Solid packing material provides additional protection.

Some of our competitors seem to think that if they can sell enough product then a certain proportion of damaged goods doesn’t matter.

That is not the Somerzby way.

We put a great deal of attention and effort into ensuring that all out products reach their destination safely and promptly.

Every item needed for erecting your coop or run including instructions will be in the pack and assembly is so simple and so fast.

We are open 6 days a week

Product Development – Better Coops, Cages & Enclosures

Somerzby are committed to making sure our chicken coops, pet runs and other products offer the best package for your money.

An essential part of that package is the customer experience—how much you enjoy shopping with us and how easy and hassle-free the process is for you.

We believe our service is ahead of the competition but we are always looking for ways to improve.

As part of that commitment to improving our service we in the process of adding Afterpay. Afterpay is a convenient payment option that helps to make your shopping experience so much easier, faster and safer.

It’s all part of what we believe makes Somerzby the one-stop shop for everything you need to give your animals the best in life.

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