Which Type of Cat Enclosure is right for you?

catio cat enclosure

DIY Cat Enclosures vs Pre-made / Ready to Assemble Enclosures

Cat Owners are beginning to catch on, specially designed “Catios” “Cat Enclosures” and “Cat Runs” are a great way to keep their beloved pet cats both safe, and well entertained. Cat Enclosures come in many sizes and shapes, we take a look at the benefits of the different type of Cat Enclosure/Catios availble for your pet including DIY cat enclosures.

Why a Catio?

Increasingly, Australian local councils are putting into place curfews for pet cats- in an effort to protect wildlife and nature reserves. Keeping your cat in at night and during the day is the best thing you can do to protect local wildlife and keep your cat out of trouble.

A US study claims that “while parcels on the back step are a good indication of whether a cat’s a hunter, they estimated that cats only brought home a third of what they actually caught”.

escape proof cat enclosure

Cats Love To Escape
Protect your Cat and Local Wildlife
Keep your pet Cat Contained in a Catio

It’s not just about being socially responsible with your pet, cats love having their own space to rest and play, and the RSPCA recommendeds you keep your cat indoors or in an outdoor cat enclosure for their own health benefits, they say that “Contained cats live longer and healthier lives than those allowed to roam”.

An enclosure helps to protect cats from disease and injury obtained through fighting and accidents. The RSPCA recommends an enclosure that is fully enclosed and fenced off, and even suggests providing them with access to an escape-proof run to allow them opportunities for activity and stimulation.

Types of Catios/ Cat Enclosures

There are 3 main types of Cat Enclosures available:

  • DIY Home made Cat Enclosure
  • Commercial Cat Enclosures
  • Modular Cat Enclosure and Run Products

DIY Cat Enclosure

The Diy cat enclosure is often considered when there is a skilled handy-man or home builder available.  Diy cat enclosures can be built to suit your home or backyard and be as big or small as you’d like it.

You should also consider whether or not the structure will be a permanent fixture as this will dictate how it should work and function, and how you will build it.

do it yourself diy cat enclosure
Cat enclosures diy
Expensive and Tricky to Build

Cats are clever creatures, and may easily find ways to escape from a home-made enclosure if it is not built correctly, so take care to make sure it is fully enclosed and escape-proof.

A good way to prevent escape is to use netting for your DIY enclosure, as cats cannot rip or climb the netting to escape- however these type of enclosures do not provide shelter or protection from the elements for your pets.

The cost of creating a DIY Cat Enclosure can easily escalate very quickly, they easily cost more than buying a pre-made modular cat enclosure – not to mention the time, and skill you have to devote to building it.

Remember to factor in the costs of buying the right kind of weather-proof wood, roofing material, hinges, mesh, paint and brackets, locks etc.  Also consider your skill level- if you want your Catio to last and stand the test of time, you’ll need to master a Mortise and Tenon Joint to reinforce the joints or it won’t last anywhere near as long as a commercial or modular cat enclosure.

Commercial Cat Enclosures

Commercial Cat Enclosures are an expensive, and permanent way to house your pet cats. In essence, a commercial Cat Enclosure can provide an entire “room” for your cat/s to rest and play.

Usually made from large metal panels, a commercial cat enclosure can be built on to your existing dwelling if you are a home owner.

Once your commercial Cat Enclosure is constructed, you will need to consider adding areas in for shelter from the elements, as most commercial cat enclosures are made from weather resistant wire panels, to allow air flow and ventillation- which also allow rain and wind.

commercial cat enclosure
Commercial Cat Enclosures
Expensive and Permanent

Commercial cat enclosures are quite costly and usually permanent. They can negatively affect the value of your property and due to their permanent nature they are not suited to be installed in rental properties.

Modular Cat Enclosure and Run Products

A Modular Cat Enclosure and Run Product works in a similar fashion to any other pet home. It is portable, and non-permanent- making it a suitable solution for renters.

You can purchase a Cat Enclosure or Run seperately or as a package. A good modular cat enclosure will have the following features:

  • Galvanised Screening
  • A sheltered area to rest (sheltered from Sun/Rain/Wind)
  • Escape-proof locks
  • An enclosed area to sleep
  • Space to play and stretch
  • Space for toys and pet bed
  • Easy access for cleaning
catio cat enclosure side view
Modular Cat Enclosures
Easy to move, cost effective,
non-permanent and escape- proof

A Modular cat enclosure is an easy, portable and cost effective solution. All you need to add is your pet, their toys feed and a cat litter tray.

At Somerzby, we have a large range of quality Cat Enclosure and Cat Runs available to purchase both on their own or as a Cat Enclosure and Run package.


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