Adopting a Pet

adopting a pet

Adopting a pet is a selfless act thousands and thousands of animal lovers commit each and every year. Caring for an animal can be a rewarding experience, and adopting a pet from a local shelter often makes the bond between pet and pet owner that much stronger.

Remember that owning a pet is a huge responsibility. Before signing any papers, consider the following do’s and don’ts of pet adoption.

Pet Adoption – DO

Do – Know why you’re adopting a pet

adopt a pet article
Choose the right pet
for you and your family

Ask yourself why you want to adopt a pet before beginning the process. There are many reasons for adopting a pet, be it companionship, a gift for the kids or to fill the void left by a recently deceased pet. Before beginning the process, you should always determine the reason for adoption. If the reason is viable, continue with the process.

Do – Choose the right pet

Choosing the right pet involves more than finding the friendliest puppy or the cutest kitten. While compatibility is important, it’s often additional factors that determine if a pet and pet owner are a good match. These factors include space restrictions in the home, amount of time spent in the home and the presence of others, be it children or roommates.

Do – Be willing to train the pet

Pet adoption candidates should be willing to train the animal, as effective training opens the channels of communication and results in a longer, healthier relationship. Consider everything that goes into being a pet owner.

Pet Adoption – DO NOT

Do Not – Adopt on a whim

Adopting a pet without carefully considering all the pros and cons is a great way to find yourself returning the pet to a shelter. Shelter animals are often most victimized by adopting on a whim, as the cost of adoption greatly pales in comparison to purchasing an animal from a breeder. Because those adoption fees are so low, it’s not uncommon to write off the fee as a loss and return the animal to the shelter.

Do Not – Adopt if finances aren’t great

Pets make great companions, but they can also be expensive. Always make an honest assessment of your finances to determine if you can truly afford to have a pet. The cost of pet ownership extends well beyond the initial adoption fee, as pets need food, shelter and sometimes medication just like their human counterparts.

Do Not – Consider pet adoption a minor commitment

Pet adoption requires a significant commitment that will no doubt alter a person’s lifestyle considerably. Men and women who enter the adoption process with a carefree attitude are likely to be among the many people who unfortunately return their animals to shelters every year. If you’re not willing to make that lifestyle change or commit fully to the animal, don’t adopt.

Once you have considered all these factors, the next decision will be where to adopt your pet from?

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Know your options before deciding
where you will adopt your pet from

Where to Adopt

Shelter – Shelters sometimes take stray animals on behalf of local councils, but generally, they are privately owned charities run by local animal welfare organizations such as the RSPCA or Animal Welfare League. Some Accept surrenders from the public, but they often have a waiting list due to space constraints.

Shelters generally assess the animal’s health and temperament before re- homing to ensure they are fit to join a family.

Rescue – Rescue groups that call themselves ‘breed rescue’ or ‘foster care groups’ are generally a collaboration of animal loving volunteers in the community providing a safety net for rescue pets.

Some have kennels, but often these people care for the pets in their homes. They take in the overflow of pets from pounds and shelters and sometimes direct from the public.

The benefit of adopting from an independent rescue group is that the animals haven’t been through the stress of kennelling- Instead, they have been assessed in a home environment, so they can be accurately matched to suit your family and lifestyle.

Pound – A pound is a council run facility that holds pets seized by rangers or found wandering in the community. It’s often the first place a lost pet will end up. By law, stray pets must be kept for several days to give their owners a chance to reclaim them, after which they are euthanized or rehomed.

These facilities are open to the public and you can adopt pets directly from the pound, but be aware they usually haven’t been screened for health or temperament issues.

Pet Adoption Preparation

pet crate
Be prepared, including for the trip home a Somerzby Pet Crate
is perfect for transporting your new pet

Before you collect your pet don’t forget to consider how you will transport them home.  We recommend a Somerzby pet crate. Our pet crates are collapsible and easy to transport. Somerzby pet crates are made from high-quality black electro-coated wire and are available a variety of sizes from small to XXL.

Remember that your newly adopted pet will need to have food, bedding, toys and a collar and leash if you adopt a dog.

Cats will also need a scratching post and a litter box. We also recommend a Somerzby Cat Enclosure – which offers a spacious, safe, and practical place to secure your cat overnight or when they are outdoors.

Optional add-on Cat Runs give you the flexibility to adapt the enclosures to your needs and requirements.



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