There are lots of reasons to keep some chickens in your backyard but you will want to do your research first. 

Here are some of the questions we’re often asked about buying chickens.

  • Does your council allow you to keep chickens?
  • So how do you go about buying them?
  • Where do you get them from?
  • What do they cost?
  • What age should they be when you buy them?

This general information applies to buying chickens throughout all Australian States and Territories.

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What size coop do i need for my chickens

Can I Keep Chickens In My Backyard?

Yes, most councils allow you to keep chickens provided you house them in a clean, safe and hygienic coop.

Generally, the maximum limit is between 5 and 10 chickens in residential areas but roosters are not permitted.

Regulations vary but you will need to house your chickens at least 3 metres from your boundary. You must not allow your chickens to escape or create a nuisance.

Where Can I Buy Chickens?

The list of chicken breeders below is simply a list of local breeders based in Australia to help you start your search.

Some of these companies may transport chicks interstate (NSW, VIC, QLD and ACT). We receive no compensation for including any company in this list.

We neither recommend nor endorse any of these companies and take no responsibility for the services they provide. Please do your own due diligence.

Day old chicks cost usually around $12 and are often vaccinated but unsexed.

Point of lay hens for common varieties cost around $26 and pure bred cost around $75.



Ag Trader

The Ag Trader is an online buy and sell listing service that often has chicken breeders listed.

AvGen Poultry

AvGen Poultry are specialist breeders of premium quality poultry breeds. They will transport live poultry throughout NSW and Australia.

Barter & Sons Hatchery

This established business freights chickens throughout NSW, ACT, and Melbourne. They deal in a various breeds from fertile eggs to day old chicks.

Chickenz With Attitude

Chickenz With Attitude are located in Campvale (5 mins from Newcastle airport). They exclusively sell Hyline Browns.

Evans Chickens

Evans Chickens is based in NSW and is a breeder of a range of chickens including: Australorp, Light Sussex, Barred Rock, and Leghorns.

Kempsey Produce & Saddlery

Kempsey Produce & Saddlery are located on the Mid North Coast. They sell chickens as well as pet food and other farm supplies.

Kincumber Produce & Pet Supplies

Kincumber Produce & Pet Supplies are located on the Central Coast. They supply chickens as well as food and accessories needed to raise your backyard flock.

Liz’s Heritage Hens

Liz’s Heritage Hens are located on the Central Coast. They specialise in heritage breeds including Australorps, Anconas, Araucanas, French Wheaten Marans and Wyandottes.

Locky’s Chook Farm

Locky’s Chook Farm are located on the Central Coast and specialise in heritage chicken breeds. Owner Locky can be contacted on 0468 747 430.

New Leaf Nursery

New Leaf Nursery supplies a wide range of chickens from 4-week old chicks to laying hens.

Poultry Palace

Poultry Palace is a small NSW breeder that specialises in Plymouth Rocks and Polish Frizzles.

Sun Valley Produce

Sun Valley Produce supply both chicks and laying hens. They all sell accessories and food for your chickens.


City Chicks

City Chicks Brisbane sell a range of pure bred, heritage and hybrid chickens from fertilised eggs to pullets. All laying hens are vaccinated.


Barter & Sons Hatchery

This established business freights chickens throughout NSW, ACT, and Melbourne. They deal in various breeds from fertile eggs to day old chicks.


Barter & Sons Hatchery

This established business freights chickens throughout NSW, ACT, and Melbourne. They deal  in various breeds from fertile eggs to day old chicks.


Comps Poultry

Located in Midvale, Comps Poultry supply many different breeds of chicken plus ducks and geese.

Do I Need A Chicken Coop?

A suitable sturdy chicken coop is essential for housing chickens and keeping them healthy and safe.

Chicken coops must be an adequate size and be escape proof. Look for features such as predator proof wire mesh to keep out snakes, foxes and rodents and easy to clean steel trays in the sleeping area.

Asphalt roofs will keep your chickens warm and dry in the winter and help keep them cool through the hotter months too.  Check the nesting boxes are adequately sized and that there are adequate perching rods.

Mesh covered windows and doors that provide ventilation are essential as well. And add-on runs with full-size access doors will make life so much easier for both yourself and your chickens.

Failure to provide adequate housing for your chickens will get you into trouble with the council and the RSPCA as well as make for unhealthy chickens.

We have a wide range of chicken coops to suit all-sized chicken families. Somerzby chicken coops are made from rot resistant Fir timber and use really sturdy hinges for long-life durability.

A suitable sturdy chicken coop is essential for housing chickens
What type of chicken to buy

What Type Of Chickens Should I Choose?

There are 100’s of chicken breeds to choose from.

Which breed is right for you will depend on whether you want your chickens to be child-friendly pets, good egg layers, as tasty home-grown meat dishes or for show or breeding.

You’ll also want to think about whether they will be happy in your local climate.

Many chicken varieties come in smaller bantam versions, which is great if your plot size is a limiting factor. Some of the more popular breeds include:

  • Great pets: Ameraucana, Silkie, ISA Brown, Pekin, Australorp, Brahma, Booted Bantam
  • Consistent egg layers: ISA Brown, Leghorn, Australian Langshan, Rhode Island Red, Australorp, Wyandotte, Orpington
  • Tasty meat: Australian Langshan, Dorking, Plymouth Rock, Delaware, Brahma
  • Cheap to feed: Belgian Bantams, Sultan, Sebright
  • Show chickens: Ameraucana, Houdan, Booted bantam, Buff laced Polish

 Many chicken varieties have extraordinary plumage and colour and even lay unusually coloured eggs. You can learn more about the enormous range of chicken varieties here.


What Are The Best Chickens To Lay Eggs?

Some chicken breeders will offer Point of Lay chickens, and as the name suggests, these chickens are about to start laying. These chickens are usually around 4 to 6 months old.

The most consistent egg laying chickens include the ISA Brown, Leghorn, Australian Langshan, Rhode Island Red, Australorp, Wyandotte, Orpington breeds.

Can You Buy Fully Grown Chickens?

Be careful when buying fully grown, mature birds (older than 1 year) as they may be nearing the end of their egg production life. Mature chickens can be expensive to feed for little or no return.

Pet shops and breeders will often sell chickens that have been vaccinated for common poultry diseases so don’t forget to ask about this.

Fertile Eggs

Breeding chickens from eggs can be a lot of fun and is a cheap way of gaining some feathered friends. But you need to be wary especially when buying eggs online.

If you buy from less reputable sources it is easy to be scammed with eggs that produce the wrong breed, are not purebred or they may be damaged in transit.

You’ll need to start incubating the eggs immediately at 18 degrees making sure you turn them twice a day. Eggs should hatch after about 21 days.

You need to be wary especially when buying fertile eggs online
How old should my chickens be?

How Old Should Chickens Be When I Buy Them?

You can buy chickens at a range of ages and even hatch the eggs yourself. 

  • Day-old Chicks
  • Pullets
  • Point of Lay
  • Fully Grown

Just a couple of things to be aware of:

Day-Old Chicks

These are freshly hatched chickens, not necessarily one day old. This can be a cheap way to buy chickens but it is not always possible to determine their sex until they’re a little older so you may end up with some males.

You will need a heating source to keep them warm at 33 degrees. It’s great if you can use a hen to raise the young chicks but many hens will not accept chicks that aren’t their own.

You will also need to keep young chickens separate as adult chickens may try to harm them.


These birds are younger than one year old and will have proven their egg laying capabilities. This is usually the most expensive class of poultry.


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