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Chalet Rabbit Hutch

Medium Rabbit Home which fits up to 4 Bunnies

NEW, updated model! The Somerzby Chalet features a large front opening for easy access and cleaning. It also boasts a handle to open and shut the door to the house, from the outside.

This rabbit house comes with a ramp up to the enclosed sleeping area and also features Rodent and Snake proof mesh wire to protect your bunnies from predators and vermin. It also has a covered run area to protect your chickens from the elements.



  • Gold brown with green trim water based non toxic stain
  • Door to sleeping area can open and close from the outside
  • Rot resistant Fir Wood
  • Water proof asphalt roof
  • Galvanised mesh wire
  • Nesting box - 680mm x 440mm approx
  • Ramp to run
  • 1 Perch
  • Metal pull out tray for easy cleaning
  • Suitable for up to 4 rabbits if they are let out for a run


$220+ P&H
(for postage cost, use the "preview postage" feature on this page)

Product Information

Dimensions L2230mm x H1175mm x D730mm approx
Packages pkg1 - 20KG 1020mm x 950mm x 150mm
  pkg2 - 24KG 1180mm x 765mm x 130mm
Assembly Medium comes flat-packed needs assembly.
Capacity Suitable for up to 4 rabbits
(if you let them out for daily runs)
Screening Galvanised Mesh Wire Screening
Maintenance Minimal oil door hinges if required and clean regularly



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