We’re a dedicated group of pet lovers who’ve made it our mission to provide safe, stylish, and comfortable enclosures for your furry friends. Let’s meet the people behind our quality pet enclosures:

Owner / Head of Product Development – Ian

  • As a business owner, Ian sets Somerzby’s strategic direction, ensuring we always deliver top-quality products and meet customer demand.
  • With a lifelong passion for pets, Ian founded this company to make a difference in pet safety and comfort. He has an interest in sustainability, with a thriving worm farm at home.
  • Boasting over 10 years of experience in the pet industry with a strong product development background, Ian leads our team towards excellence.

Owner / Head of Design – Toni

  • Toni is a business owner and pet lover, leading the design of our innovative pet enclosures. She also looks after accounts and purchasing.
  • Toni understands the comfort and safety needs of pets, which inspires her designs. At home she has cavoodle puppies, guinea pigs, rabbits, and chickens.
  • Toni has over 10 years’ experience being a business owner and designing pet-friendly products.

Logistics Coordinator – Kimberley

  • Kimberley manages all customer deliveries, coordinating with our freight companies and ensuring our enclosures reach you on time.
  • Owning a pet groodle named Peaches, Kimberley understands the importance of customers receiving their products in a timely manner.
  • Kimberley’s extensive understanding of logistics and freight management guarantees seamless delivery of our products.

Operations Manager – Samantha

  • Samantha oversees all operational aspects, ensuring smooth day-to-day running of the business. She also manages blog and content creation for the website.
  • As a pet owner, Samantha ensures that Somerzby offers the best products for our furry customers. She has a chihuahua named Miles plus guinea pigs at home.
  • Samantha’s degree in business management equips her to excel in overseeing a wide range of processes for efficiency and effectiveness.

Customer Support Lead – Paige

  • Paige leads our customer support team, handling queries and concerns with care and efficiency. She also assists with online content creation.
  • As the owner of a blue cattle dog named Scout, Paige can relate to our customers’ questions, providing informed and empathetic support.
  • Paige’s extensive customer service experience ensures our customers always feel valued and supported.

Social Media Specialist – Stephanie

  • Stephanie handles our social media platforms, engaging with our online community of pet lovers. She also assists with customer support.
  • A proud pet parent to a dog named Ebenezer and cat named Ravioli, Stephanie brings her love for pets into our digital community, creating engaging and relatable content.
  • With an educational background in digital media, Stephanie excels at building strong online relationships with our customers.

Warehouse Manager – Chad

  • Chad oversees the efficient and timely dispatch of our pet enclosures and manages optimal stock levels to meet customer demand.
  • With his own miniature dachshund named Vienna at home, Chad understands the importance of quality enclosures to house our fur-babies.
  • Chad’s extensive experience in logistics ensures that our pet enclosures are delivered securely and punctually.

Shipping Assistant – Jye

  • Jye ensures the secure and timely delivery of our pet enclosures, as well as unloading incoming stock.
  • With 4 dogs at home, Jye knows how to handle products that pet owners depend on.
  • Jye’s logistics experience guarantees that our enclosures reach customers in perfect condition.

Paws-on Product Testers – Piper and Luka

  • Cavoodle puppies Piper and Luka belong to business owner’s Ian and Toni.
  • Visiting the office each day, the siblings test and trial all new dog products to ensure they live up to Somerzby’s high standards.
  • Piper and Luka have extensive experience in belly rubs, fetch and zoomies.

Our team’s diverse roles ensure we cover every aspect of our business, from operations to logistics and marketing, to deliver the best pet enclosures to you.

Want to Ask Us a Question?

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