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Somerzby Dog Kennels, the ultimate dog kennels

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What would your life be like without the comforting presence of your dog?

Who greets you more affectionately after a hard day at work than your dog--those smiling eyes and wagging tail make you feel everything is alright? That unconditional dog love is the reason we call them our best friend.

Isn’t it only natural that you return that love by making sure your dog has a really special place to call home?

That’s why Somerzby has designed the ultimate dog kennel for your dog: the Somerzby wooden dog kennel.

When you choose a Somerzby wooden dog kennel you are providing a warm, dry, healthy, and comfortable shelter where your dog can rest in complete security out of the weather and free from the intrusion of annoying insects and cold damp winds.

Give your dog the gift of a Somerzby wooden kennel.

Somerzby Real Timber Dog Kennels, the ultimate dog kennels

Double Extra Large Kennel


Why are Somerzby kennels superior?

At Somerzby we know how important your dog is to you. We also know the value of the Somerzby reputation for quality products.

That’s why the Somerzby wooden dog kennels, like all our Somerzby products, feature only the very best quality materials, design and craftsmanship.

Somerzby wooden dog kennels stand out from the pack thanks to outstanding features including:

  • Waterproof asphalt sloping roof drains water away quickly preventing any moisture entering the inside of the kennel - available in red or black
  • Solid rot resistant wooden construction - will last for many years (human years, not dog years)
  • Stained with a non-toxic water-based stain for added water resistance--completely safe for your animals and for curious young children
  • Hinged roof opens and floor simply lifts out for easy cleaning
  • Plastic flaps hanging over the entrance keep out annoying flies and other insects and reduce cold winter draughts
  • Specially designed feet raise the floor above the ground keeping out moisture and providing summer ventilation 
  • Plus the Somerzby wooden dog kennels look amazing with the richly coloured wood grain contrasting with the asphalt roof and charcoal coloured trim.

Somerzby Large Timber Kennels, a place for your dog to call home.

Extra Large Kennel


Is wood the best material for a dog kennel?

We know the special place that your dog has in your heart and that’s why we are offering you the best wooden kennel on the market.

Wood is one of the best materials for your dog kennel because wooden kennels are:

  • Better for your dog’s health - wood insulates from temperature extremes or exposure to moisture and wind better than other commonly used materials such as tin
  • Good for the environment - wood is highly recyclable and we use a non-toxic water-based  stain that is safe for your animals and for the environment
  • Almost as beautiful as your dog - our kennels look great anywhere. 


The Somerzby wooden dog kennel is a really upmarket piece of real estate for your dog. Your dog gives so much; now you can return the favour with a Somerzby wooden dog kennel.

Extra, Extra large timber Dog Kennels

Extra, Extra Large Dog Kennel


Somerzby have the perfect size kennel for small, medium or large dogs.

Our extensive range includes:

• Extra Large Single Door (L115cm x W84cm x H84cm)
• Extra Large Double Door (L120cm x W81cm x H82cm)
• Extra Extra Large Single Door (L127cm x W95cm x H95cm)
• Extra Extra Large Double Door (L150cm x W90cm x H110cm)

All the Somerzby dog kennels are weatherproof, and each of our kennel features, easy cleaning, solid timber, water resistant, pets safe and are specially designed for comfort and easy care.


ALL NEW Extra, Extra Large Double Dog Kennel


View our great range of Dog Kennels for Sale below:

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Dog Kennel - Extra Large Timber

NEW STYLE Easy Clean! Lift open roof, pull-out timber floor and plastic flap style door to kennel opening. Suits medium to large dog and is available in stylish Charcoal trim colour. Please check dimensions suit your dog(s)

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Dog Kennel - Double Extra Large Timber

NEW STYLE Easy Clean! Double Dog Kennel with lift open roof, solid timber floor. Suits 2 x medium dogs and is available in stylish Charcoal trim colour. Please check dimensions suit your dog(s)

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Limited stock,
please contact us
to check availability

Dog Kennel - XX Large Single Door Somerzby Haven

NEW STYLE Extra, Extra Large Outdoor Kennel! Lift open roof, pull-out timber floor and plastic flap style door to kennel opening. Suits medium to large dog and is available in stylish Charcoal trim colour. Please check dimensions suit your dog(s)

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What Size Dog Kennel Do I Need

The Somerzby Dog Kennel Sizing Guide

It’s important to choose the right size kennel for your dog for a number of reasons.

 If the kennel is too big your dog may:

  • Find it hard to keep warm in the colder months because there is too much space for its body heat to warm up
  • Not feel so secure—dogs like to feel enclosed in their secure little den
  • Start to use the extra space as a toilet

If the kennel is too small your dog may:

  • Be uncomfortable and stressed
  • Develop destructive behaviours and attempt to escape
  • Get too hot in the summer months 

Click Here to See Which Kennel Is Best for your Dog.

Somerzby Dog Kennel Customer Positive Reviews and Feedback

Somerzby Dog Kennel Reviews

"Awsome product g8t value good quality with screen windows all canvas zipcover."

"Amazing!! Even better than it looks online. Fantastic quality and fast postage"

"Excellent item, very pleased with it, fantastic service"

See More Customer Reviews Here.


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