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What Size Coop Do I Need For My Chickens?

You have probably seen images of the over-crowded living conditions that many chickens suffer in commercial battery chicken farms. That is not the way to raise healthy backyard chickens.

Chickens need a certain amount of space to develop as healthy normal chickens and restricting their living space can cause all sorts of health and social problems - a little bit like squeezing too many humans into too small a space.

What Problems Does Overcrowding Cause?

Chickens are social birds and like company but too many birds with not enough space increases the stress levels amongst your hens.

Symptoms of overcrowding include:

  • Reduction in egg laying. Chickens need to be happy and healthy to be productive members of the chicken society.
  • Pecking - we humans tend to get a bit snappish when our neighbours live on top of us and it’s the same with chickens. 
  • Although establishing the ‘pecking order’ is normal, excessive pecking can cause serious problems including loss of feathers and damage to skin, dominant chickens blocking access to feed and water, and even cannibalism.
  • Disease - overcrowding encourages the development and spread of disease amongst your flock. It’s harder to keep the coop clean too if the chickens are all pooping in a small confined space.

The Somerzby Coop Range - Perfect For Every Chicken

The Somerzby range of hen coops are designed to provide safe and comfortable roosting and nesting spaces for your hens.

The handy chart below shows you the recommended Somerzby chicken coop for your chicken family.

  • 1 – 2 chickens - Cottage, Deluxe Cottage
  • 3 – 4 chickens - Bungalow, Lodge, Chalet
  • 5 – 6 chickens - Mansion, Deluxe Mansion
  • 6 – 8 chickens - Manor, Estate
  • 9 – 12 chickens - Homestead, Resort

These numbers assume you are letting the chickens out during the day and just putting them away at night in the coop. If the chickens need to stay in the coop for extended periods you should choose a larger size.

Coops that have a run extension allow you to keep the chickens in for longer periods.

Somerzby - housing for chickens that don’t want to feel cooped up.

What Size Chicken Coop For 1 to 2 Hens

Viewing 1 to 2 (2 Total)

Cottage Chicken Coop

NEW STYLE Easy Clean! Rabbit Hutch Guinea pig cage with large run, 3 colours available: Brown and green, Blue and white or Pink and white.

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Deluxe Cottage Chicken Coop

NEW STYLE Easy Clean! Mozzie / Fly screens to protect your Chickens from disease. Wire Mesh Floor to protect from foxes and predators digging in. Available in Charcoal colour.

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What Size Chicken Coop for 3 to 4 Hens

Viewing 1 to 3 (3 Total)

Somerzby Bungalow Chicken Coop

Great access and easy to clean.

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Somerzby Lodge Chook Tractor

Chook Tractor, Mobile Chicken Coop, Designed for easy to move with handles and large durable wheels.

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Somerzby Chalet Chicken Coop

Easy access and cleaning. Metal pull out tray.

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What Size Chicken Coop for 5 to 6 Hens

Viewing 1 to 2 (2 Total)

Somerzby Mansion Chicken Coop

New style for easy clean and access, Complete front opening door fold right down. Also little door for quick check of your pet. Available in Red/Brown, Green or Blue with white trim.

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Super Deluxe Mansion

Chicken Coop - Rabbit Hutch - Cat Enclosure, with Screens and Floor, Protection from predators and vermin!

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What Size Chicken Coop for 6 to 8 Hens

Viewing 1 to 2 (2 Total)

Manor Large Chicken Coop

New model with complete front opening. Easy clean.

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Somerzby Estate Chicken Coop, Large Walk-in Design

NEW STYLE - Improved Design for Easy Walk-in Access and Cleaning. Stylish New Colour Trims. Add an extra 3 metres with the Large Extension Run.

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Limited stock,
please contact us
to check availability

What Size Chicken Coop For 9 to 12 Hens

Viewing 1 to 2 (2 Total)

Somerzby Homestead Extra Large Chicken Coop

Compare the size, this is HUGE!

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Somerzby Resort Chicken Coop Long Run Peak Roof

It's a large chicken coop that is snake and mouse proof. Brand New design with a load on new features that can take 12 + chickens.

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How Do Chickens Benefit From Having Enough Space?

When chickens have the space they need they feel less stress and more tolerant towards each other. There tends to be less competition for food and a reduction in the overall levels of aggression in the flock.

In short, give your chickens the space they need and they’ll be healthier and happier and will tend to lay more eggs.

How Much Space Does A Chicken Need?

In simple terms, the more space your chickens have to roam and do normal chicken things the better. However, chicken coops must comply with Council regulations and are generally limited to no higher than 3m or larger than 152 m in most Australian residential areas.

There are two things to think about when choosing a chicken coop.

  1. The amount of space in the coop, perch, and nesting areas relative to the number of chickens you want to keep.
  2. The amount of time each day your chickens will be able to roam outside or in a larger run.


So, how much coop space do you need for each chicken? Chickens tend to roost close together to keep warm but overcrowding will lead to some very unhappy and unhealthy chooks.

The general consensus of most chicken experts is that you need around 1.2metres per chicken in the coop/run area. This is assuming your chickens will get some time and space to roam a little more freely during each day.

Your lovely little ladies also need attractive nesting boxes to lay their eggs. The RSPCA recommends that nesting boxes should be around 300mm square to cater for four to five hens but you may find that some hens require their own individual nesting boxes.

Nesting boxes only need to give your girls enough room to turn around, rearrange the bedding and get comfortable. The nesting box should be about 600mm off the ground with access to the outside for ease of egg collection and nest box cleaning.

What About Space For Perching?

Hens love sitting on their favourite perch and the RSPCA suggests a minimum of about 200mm for each bird. Ideally, perches should be placed about 500mm above the ground.

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