Somerzby Coops

You can choose from a huge range of spacious, airy coops from the Cottage for 2 chickens to the Homestead for 12 chickens.

Optional add-on runs give you the flexibility to adapt the coops to your needs. Add the Large Run to the Homestead and your flock will have a massive 6m x 2m to roam in!

The modular design of some of our products allows enormous freedom to combine and create your cages according to the needs of your pets.

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Cottage by Somerzby

Cottage Chicken Coop

With easy clean and access, the Somerzby Cottage is one of the favourites with children and adults alike. It is the perfect fit for a smaller backyard! It is easy to clean with a metal pull out tray and one complete side of the coop forms a door. 

Holly - Somerzby Chicken Coop

Holly Chicken Coop

This tractor-style coop can house up to 3 chickens and is easily moved throughout your yard using the attached handle, which allows your chooks to access to fresh food and prevents overgrazing. The Holly features a sheltered nesting box, and opens from both ends and at the side for ease of cleaning.


Bungalow Chicken Coop

The Somerzby Bungalow is a great, easy clean hutch suitable for up to 3 chickens. It uses a non-toxic stain and features mesh on the window so you can be sure your chooks are safe from rats and snakes.

Deluxe small cottage for chickens

Deluxe Cottage Chicken Coop

With easy clean and access, the Somerzby Deluxe Cottage is one of the favourites with children and adults alike. It is the perfect fit for a smaller backyard! Great for up to 2 chickens and to keep out that wily fox with a wire mesh floor and fly/mozzie screens.

Chalet Chicken Coop

Chalet Chicken Coop

Large front opening for easy access and cleaning. The Somerzby Chalet features rodent and snake proof wire mesh and a covered run area to protect your chickens from the elements.

Mansion Chicken Coop by Somerzby

Mansion Chicken Coop

The Somerzby Mansion comes in 3 colour combinations and is suitable for up to 6 chickens. It is made of rot-resistant Fir wood and uses a non toxic stain which is safe for your chickens.

Cabana Hen House for 9-12 Chickens

Cabana Chicken Coop

The Somerzby Cabana Hen House is a free standing chicken coop that features 6 nesting spaces and a stylish charcoal trim. It is easy to assemble and keep clean.

Deluxe Mansion Enclosure

Deluxe Mansion Chicken Coop

The Deluxe Mansion large chicken coop is easy to clean with its complete front opening door and galvanised metal pull-out-tray. Its design also provides easy access to your chickens and their nesting box, as well as allowing you to open and close their sleeping area from outside the coop.

Chicken Coop Estate

Estate Chicken Coop

The Somerzby Estate is the ultimate luxury accommodation for your chooks. It has a large door and is super easy to access and clean. It has a large metal pull-out tray and full height opening door.

Cabana Hen House with run

Cabana Chicken Coop with Run

The Somerzby Cabana and Run is a free standing chicken coop and run with easy access and galvanised wire mesh. It has a stylish charcoal trim. It is easy to assemble and keep clean.

Somerzby Homestead Chicken Coop

Homestead Chicken Coop

The Homestead features easy clean and access with a new walk-in design and complete opening door. Galvanised mesh wire protects your chickens from pests and vermin and the metal pull-out tray is long lasting and easy to clean.

Mansion Chicken Run

Need a Chicken Run or Extension?

The Somerzby chicken coop extension or run can be used as a stand-alone pen, or as an extension to your existing coop, you connect one or multiple pens to the Coop to give your chickens extra living space.

The Somerzby coop extension creates a safe and secure environment for chickens natural foraging and scratching needs.

Solid fir wood construction with hinged side or front doors make it really easy to access for cleaning.

It’s also very easy to assemble.

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There’s a Size to Meet All Your Needs

Somerzby have an exciting range of models and sizes to meet the needs of you and your chickens. All our chicken coops exhibit the same exacting standards that you have come to expect from Somerzby products. Look through the exciting features of our range and you will see why our customers are consistently happy.

We recommend that you lay concrete pavers to rest your chicken coop on, as they will give added protection from ground moisture and ensure the long life of your backyard coop.

Chickens will often share the nest box and all lay in the same place, one nest box for each chook is not needed.

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We don’t like to brag, but we don’t mind when our customers do. Here are some of the testimonials we have received from our wonderful pet owners.


Just purchased a 48 inch dog cage and got a pleasant shock at the quality and price and the ease it was to put it together.

Kimberley my sales assistant was so helpful and friendly I will recommend Somerzby to all my family and friends.



Thanks Somerzby for supplying my kitty with the goods!

She loves it and I love knowing she is now safe when I am not home



Just wanna say you guys are awesome! Products are amazing and you's are always so quick to dispatch orders too.

I ordered a pet crate on Wednesday afternoon and recieved it first thing this morning, so fast, you couldn't get a letter from the next town over that fast!!!


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