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Your cat’s castle.. Cats bring so much joy to you and your family. Your cat or kitten has become part of your family.

You adore Princess Cat’s independent, contented nature and the way she strolls in and out of the house at will, mistress of all she surveys.

However, there are times when, for their protection or the protection of other wildlife, you need to provide a slightly smaller castle. Somerzby have the perfect solution: an outdoor cat enclosure.

With Somerzby, your cat will be able to chill out in ‘purrfect peace’.

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Here's Six reasons why you need an Outdoor Cat Run or Enclosure.

1. Cats are highly active at night, hunting and roaming their domain at will. Unfortunately, cats are vulnerable to predation by foxes and wild dogs. Cats are also at risk of being run over in high traffic density areas. An outdoor enclosure will protect your cat from all danger.

2. Cats hunt birds and lizards and can do considerable damage to populations of endangered species. A Somerzby outdoor cat enclosure means that you can be a responsible cat owner and protect our endangered wildlife populations as well.

3. Many landlords will not accept tenants who have cats because of the damage cats can do inside the house. An outdoor enclosure is the answer. Your landlord will see that you are a caring and responsible tenant and will be more inclined to allow you to keep a cat.

4. When you move houses, cats will often try to find their way back to their former home. A cat enclosure will help your cat to become familiar with their new surroundings and to feel more at home.

5. Going on holiday? What do you do with Madame Moggie? Leaving the cat inside can be a recipe for disaster; torn fabrics, scratched walls and soiling of the house can be the result.

An outdoor cat enclosure and run means your friends or neighbours can easily feed and keep an eye on your cat without going into the house—a much better solution than the dreaded and expensive cattery.

6. A safe and secure cat enclosure gives your cats the room to play in safety.

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Somerzby, for cool cats

To promote the health of your cats you need to ensure your cat enclosure has these essential design features: comfort, ventilation, space and protection.

Cats are very happy with these superior Somerzby features:

• 10mm mesh stops snakes and foxes from getting near your loved cats and kittens
• waterproof asphalt roof keeps your cats cool and dry
• ample sized resting space allows your kittens to sleep and play in peace
• disease prevention thanks to the easy to clean design
• excellent ventilation, thanks to thoughtfully placed doors, windows and vents
• wood construction: cool in summer, warm in winter

Rot resistant fir timber is our timber of choice for all our cat cages. The stain is water based and non-toxic.

More great features:

• pull-out metal floor tray at waist height for easy cleaning, carpet tile or the like is great for on the tray.
• walk-in access to run
• sleeping area is elevated--good ventilation and protects from damp ground conditions
• optional add-on run can add 3m of safe area for your cat


Cat Enclosures & Runs

Somerzby have an exciting range of models and sizes to meet the needs of you and your cats.


Catio - Largest, most popular Cat Enclosure

All new, premium, extra large Cat Enclosure with sheltered rest area and seperate sleep area!

Huge and spacious for comfortable living, the Somerzby Catio is almost 4 metres long, making it great for cats and owners alike.

Our Catio is specially designed to allow plenty of space for your cat to play and rest in comfort and safety.

This New Walk-in design, is our tallest yet, making it easy to clean and access.

There is plenty of space for your cat and their toys/climbing posts. Our Catio enclosure also features a sheltered area underneath to shelter your cat and their food from bad weather.

You can also attach our Homestead Run to extend your cats play area by another 3 metres.


Big Cat Enclosure - Manormanor-cat-enclosure.jpg

This is one of our larger models (L2570mm x H1670mm x D1010mm). It is the cat chateau dedicated to the connoisseur amongst cats.

There is a large enclosed sleeping area (770mm x 1000mm) with an external access door.

Large Cat Enclosure - HomesteadLarge Cat Enclosure - Homestead

The Homestead cat enclosure is one of our largest models.

It has many of the same outstanding features as the Manor including walk-in access for cleaning and elevated sleeping areas.


Cat Enclosure RunCat Run

Optional add-on run for the Manor or the Homestead adds another 3 metres. Multiple runs can be joined together to suit your needs and provide plenty of space for your cat to roam.

Features include:

  • fir construction–tough
  • 10mm galvanised wire mesh allows good ventilation but keeps out predators 
  • walk-in access

mansion-deluxe-large-cat-enclosure.jpgMedium Cat Enclosure - Deluxe Mansion

The Super Deluxe Mansion has wire mesh on the floor to protect against snakes and to prevent curious cats digging their way out. It also features fly and mozzie screeens to protect your cats.

The Super Deluxe Mansion measures L2250mm x H1430mm x D940mm.


Medium Cat Enclosure - MansionMedium Cat Enclosure - Mansion

 Complete front opening same as the Super Deluxe Mansion for easy access to cleaning etc. The mansion is packed full of great features.

It measures L2250mm x H1430mm x D940mm.



Medium Cat Run - Mansion RunMedium Cat Run

Optional add-on run for the Mansion or Deluxe Mansion, the Mansion Run adds another 2 metres.

Multiple runs can be joined together to suit your needs and provide plenty of space for your cat to roam.

Features include:

  • fir construction–tough
  • galvanised wire mesh allows good ventilation but keeps out predators 
  • 3 opening doors for easy access 


Catio and Cat Extension

All new, extra large Catio Cat Enclosure and Large RUN! Featuring sheltered rest area and seperate sleep area!

The ultimate accomodation for your cat's to rest and play in safety and comfort.

The Somerzby Catio itself is almost 4 metres long, add to that the 3 metre Large Run and you've got a total of 7 meters of living space.


Cat Enclosures - Homestead Video

Our Outdoor Cat Enclosures are Built to last

Your Somerzby product is tough, built to last and simple to erect. You can erect your new enclosure in an hour or two for the larger models with only a cordless drill.

Simply screw the panels in place.

• pre-assembly means no holes need to be drilled
• latches and screws are included and clearly labelled
• assembly is a one-person job (except for the largest products)

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